Getting-Ready Hair Clips Are No Longer Just For Getting Ready -

Getting-Ready Hair Clips Are No Longer Just For Getting Ready

 Getting-Ready Hair Clips Are No Longer Just For Getting Ready

No-crease hair clips are no longer reserved for models backstage at runways shows. Thanks to social media, the practical accessory has become a staple for well-lit bathroom selfies, making it a fashion statement all on its own. Makeup brands and designers alike have reworked it as such, with fun details like rhinestones and glitter, so that the getting-ready clips can be worn after you’re completely done getting ready. 

We’re betting the clips will be a big warm-weather trend, so we’ve rounded up our favorites in the gallery below. 

Sandy Liang Makeup Clips, $88, available here. 

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Kristin Ess Setting Clips, $10, available here. 

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Eternally in Amber Primp Clip Set, $10, available here. 

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Bonnie Sahni No Bend Flat Resin Leaf Hair Clips, $17, available here. 

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UAQUEEN No Crease No Bend Hair Clip, $7, available here. 

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Kylie Skin Hair Clips, $12, available here. 

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Glow Recipe Pink Hair Clips, $10, available here. 

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P.S. x Danielle No Crease Hair Clips, $12, available here. 

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Shiyao Makeup No Dent No Mark Clips, $10, available here. 

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SkinCare Rituals 4 Pack Glitter Dent-Free Hair Clips, $10, available here. 

” data-full-height=”794″ data-full-src=”” data-full-width=”794″ data-image-id=”ci02815a4b10002458″ data-image-slug=”skincare-rituals-hair-clips” data-public-id=”MTgwNTI0NzM3OTcyMTUxNjU2″>

Kitsch Creaseless Hair Clips, $8, available here. 

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Off-White Logo Hair Clip, $132, available here. 

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TruHair Creaseless No Bend Hair Clips, $14, available here. 

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