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Japanese Breakfast’s Autobiographical Playlist

 Japanese Breakfast’s Autobiographical Playlist

This was my band before the Japanese Breakfast days. The throughline of the book really begins with my mom getting sick. It was important to talk about what I was leaving. I was really floundering with this band. It was just not working. This is the band that I put on hiatus to go and be with my mom as she got sick. I was like 25 and I was starting to feel like maybe if it’s not happening, it’s not meant to be.

I wrote the song about finding out my aunt was sick. It just reminds me of that period of my life. There’s a chapter in the book that’s actually titled “Dark Matter.” The real Japanese Breakfast fans will recognize a lot of these types of Easter eggs in the book. A lot of the chapter titles borrow from song lyrics or song titles from my records.

Foo Fighters – “Everlong (Acoustic Version)”

When I was a teenager, my mom wouldn’t let me close my bedroom door. I just have this very specific memory of being on AIM and downloading songs from LimeWire, arguing whether or not the acoustic version of “Everlong” was better than the original. I remember being like, “Oh, you can hear the lyrics. They are much more moving in the acoustic version.” I was full of self-seriousness at that age, thinking that I was this very wise critic or something.

Modest Mouse – “Dramamine”

There was this period of time when I had decided to get into music when I was like 13 or 14. At that age you’re like, “Oh, what is good music? Classic rock is good music.” So I started listening to a lot of classic rock. I think it wasn’t until I was 15 or 16 that I heard bands like Modest Mouse and was like, “This is what I actually like.” Growing up in Oregon, Modest Mouse was a huge deal for my friend group. Isaac Brock was the poet of our time. He was so dynamic and just felt kind of sexy and really cool and gritty. I remember loving this band when I was a teenager and full of angst.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Maps”

The chapter, “Where’s the Wine?” dives into when I fell in love with music. My friend had the DVD of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live at the Fillmore. Seeing Karen O for the first time changed my life. She spat water all over herself and used the microphone in ways I had never seen before. My world was changing. Finding out that she was half-Korean in the super white male dominated industry was just mind blowing. It was such a life-changing moment for me. It was the first person I saw that kind of looked like me. To find not only a Korean woman in the rock scene, but a half-Korean woman in the rock scene, meant so much to me. I felt so connected to her and she was such an important role model in my life.

Nirvana – “Molly’s Lips” (BBC John Peel Session)

In “Where’s the Wine?” I talk about meeting my first boyfriend, Nick Hawley-Gamer. He was this really cool guy that had had a band called The BarroWites when he was in middle school. We became best friends and he’s very responsible for me getting involved in music. I just remember getting a copy of his band’s CD when we were growing up. It was this burnt CD with the Sharpie writing. One of the songs was called “Molly’s Lips”.

I had spent so much time poring over, ‘Who’s Molly? Who’s Molly!?’ Because I was obsessed with this guy. I was like, ‘Is it his ex girlfriend?’ Later on I found out that it was a Nirvana cover. But then I would like to believe that Nick didn’t know that it was originally a Vaseline’s cover. There were just varying levels of cool that I failed at.

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