Anthony Edwards Thinks A-Rod and J-Lo Should Get Back Together -

Anthony Edwards Thinks A-Rod and J-Lo Should Get Back Together

 Anthony Edwards Thinks A-Rod and J-Lo Should Get Back Together

Anthony Edwards, the number one draft pick for the Minnesota Timberwolves who has recently begun to justify that status with highlight dunks and elite pace attacking the rim, would like to assure us that there isn’t much he can’t do. Especially if it’s a sport. And especially if it’s for money. Basketball is just one of his numerous talents, but according to Edwards, he can also throw a baseball 92mph right now and jump on a track with Lil’ Baby, the superstar Atlanta rapper who grew up in the same neighborhood.

The potential Rookie of the Year has been on a tear since the All-Star Break (23.4 points, 5 rebounds, 1.5 steals and 3 assists per game on 34.3% 3 point shooting), but Edwards has also become known for his affable personality and, most recently, not knowing who baseball giant Alex Rodriguez is.

In a recent sit down with GQ, Edwards learned that Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are no longer together and explained, in his thick, delightful Southwest Atlanta accent, why he looks up to Jimmy Butler, Allen Iverson and some of the great provocateurs in NBA history.

GQ: So…you really don’t know who A-Rod is, huh?

Anthony Edwards: Well…I do now!

What made you change that?

Everybody was texting me, tellin’ me ‘bout it, that’s it, forreal.

What did you learn in the last few days about the dude who might own your team?

They told me he’s a Hall of Famer. Somebody told me he’s like the Michael Jordan of baseball.

I feel like that’s a stretch.


You didn’t watch any games or highlights to verify that with your own eyes?

Nah, I ain’t watch none, nah. I know he date J-Lo [Jennifer Lopez], though!

He does not.


He used to date J-Lo, but they just broke up.


You look like you’re disappointed.

Yeah, I am.

Any reason?

He gonna be my owner, I want him to be happy.

You think he’s gonna be happier with J-Lo?


When you put it that way….that doesn’t seem wrong.

Yeah! Like, for sure!!

Which other famous baseball players do you actually know?

I know, like, Hank Aaron…Barry Bonds….you know what I’m saying? Jackie Robinson…I know them.

So, you know the Black baseball players.

Yeah! I know the Black baseball players, fasho! But, uh, I know Chipper Jones. I know of him. I know…What’s his name? Freeman? Freddie Freeman?

So, you also know everyone who’s played in Atlanta.

I know uhhhhhhhh….what’s the dude who played for Atlanta? No. 22? The left hand hitter? He was like center field or something. Richardson? Maybe?

I have no idea who you are talking about.

I know Ortiz.

Which Ortiz?

The hitta! The dude who be hittin’ home runs!

On what team?

He plays for the Red Sox.

David Ortiz?

Big Papi Ortiz! That’s his name ainnit?

Yes, that’s his name. I’m glad we figured this out.

Yuh! I know him. Who else I know….Oh! Derek Jeter? Yeah! That’s my favorite player.

There you go! Derek Jeter! He might’ve actually been the Michael Jordan of baseball.

Yuh, Derek Jeter fire.

Cool, glad we know some baseball guys. You’ve said before that your favorite team as a kid was the Thunder, because of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. You’ve played both those teams now, is that still true? Has your perception of those two changed at all?

Nahhhhh. As far as Durant being my favorite player? Nah. Hell nah, that hasn’t changed. He’s still my favorite player.

What reinforced it for you?

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