Larissa Lima to Body-Shaming Troll: DIE With Cancer in Hell!! -

Larissa Lima to Body-Shaming Troll: DIE With Cancer in Hell!!

 Larissa Lima to Body-Shaming Troll: DIE With Cancer in Hell!!

90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima has spoken about the ill effects of bullying before.

Thousands of trolls bombarding people’s comments every day … that takes a toll.

Larissa herself is more than willing to clap back, hard, when someone comes after her.

But her latest clapback was something of a nuclear option. Did Larissa go too far?

Larissa Lima underwent two rounds of major cosmetic surgeries in 2020.

The first, filmed on 90 Day Fiance, was early that year. The second was late in the summer.

It’s not a secret — Larissa will happily be the first to tell you what she’s had done.

According to a screenshot posted by the fan page 90daydisaster, a “fan” DMed Larissa.

In the DM, the fan told Larissa that her butt “looks like it needs to be done again.”

“I can see the implants,” the uninvited and unwelcome comment on her body accused.

“Your face and jealousy is pathetic,” Larissa fired back in the alleged screenshot.

She then called the sender a “Snapchat filter dumbass ugly c–t!”

Finally, the sender was told to “DIE with cancer in hell.”

As always, we have to point out that screenshots like these can be faked.

It would take only a few minutes for me to fabricate fake DMs.

If I chose, I could make it look like she was advertising some weird fetish on her OnlyFans, or announcing a pregnancy, or anything else.

That said, these DMs … do very much look like a real exchange.

Fans are certainly believing that it’s the real deal, at any rate.

And reactions are, as you can guess giving what the fandom is like, very negative.

First of all, fans and even (inexplicably) some bloggers are defending the original message.

Just for the record, there is no circumstance in which it’s appropriate to randomly DM someone that they need surgery.

You can tell someone to fix their hair or lipstick, but never their actual human body. F–k off.

The second part of the reaction is much more reasonable, however.

People feel that Larissa’s response crossed the line.

Telling someone to die or go to hell is pretty standard. The cancer part is not.

Cancer is a horror. I myself have lost multiple loved ones to cancer.

That’s true for many of us.

Wishing death upon someone is harsh. Wishing cancer upon someone borders upon being taboo.

Now, some fans have suggested that this may be a cultural difference.

Larissa has only been in the United States for a few years, after all.

That said … has Larissa ever needed an excuse to fly off the handle?

Look, play silly games, win silly prizes.

Somebody went into the DMs of a famously dramatic person and told her to get butt surgery.

Larissa fired back with some major insults that crossed the line. What else did anyone expect?

Meanwhile, Larissa has recently told fans that she and Eric are planning a trip — together — to Brazil.

Recently, the two sparked engagement rumors and possible marriage rumors just a few weeks after a bitter breakup.

We will never tire of Larissa’s ongoing saga. We just wish that both parties had been a little more thoughtful in their DMs.

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