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10 Heartwarming Stories About DMX

 10 Heartwarming Stories About DMX

DMX will be remembered for his soul-bearing music, unwavering sincerity, and the demons that followed him for much of the late rapper’s 50 years on of life. But he also carved out a niche for himself as what one Twitter user astutely dubbed “The Bill Murray of Hip-Hop,” a charming figure always popping up in places you’d never expect. Though the darker side of X came across in his violent, at times controversial lyrics, the person many recalled in the aftermath of his death was a figure of light and benevolence.

Stories of encounters with DMX have been shared widely by fellow artists, movie co-stars, and regular people whose days were made a little brighter by running into Earl Simmons. In these anecdotes, he comes off as sweet, excitable and compassionate — someone who was more in tune with everyday people than your average A-lister.

Here are some of the best memorials that have been shared about the fiery rapper and his indomitable spirit.

Meeting a woman and her stepdaughter on the plane striking up conversation with a woman and her stepdaughter and inviting them to his show:

When news of DMX’s hospitalization broke, one of the first stories to spread online was from Jennifer Fraser, who shared themoving encounter she and her stepdaughter had with the man behind “Where the Hood At?” in 2016.

In a well-paced string of tweets, Fraser recalls meeting DMX on a flight to San Diego and making chit chat about social media as well as parenting and the effects of incarceration. After the flight, the rapper invited Fraser and her step-daughter to his show, picked them up in a private SUV, and had them sitting on stage; he even tagged Fraser in a social media post It’s a charming story that once again highlights DMX’s innate kindness.

Taking a toy tour of London.

In 2003, DMX was one of the biggest rap stars in the world, slated to perform at the MOBO Awards, where he would bring “X Gon’ Give it to Ya” to face-mashing life. Before the show, according to photographer Jamie-James Medina, X wanted to drive despite his lack of familiarity with British roads. He ultimately led his group to a quaint shop filled with toy trains, radio control cars, and model airplanes.

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