Preview: Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3 -

Preview: Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3

 Preview: Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3

Fruits Basket Season 3 has just returned after a long wait from the fans. Let’s find how Tohru continues to live with other Zodiac members. In the morning, Akito asks Shigure if he loves her. Shigure asks her if she has been walking around asking that to everyone. Akito replies that she is the one asking questions and ask if he loves her. Shigure gets up and picks up a rose. He gave her a rose and told her that he cares bout her more than anything else.

Shigure told Akito that he loves her and kiss her on her cheek. In the present, Akito wakes up and realizes that she was thinking about the day. At Sohma’s house, Shigure met with Tohru. He notices that Tohru is making paper flowers. They both sit together and help each other. Shigure realizes that Kureno is the only one who knows that Akito is a female. Tohru wanted to talk about Akito, but she decides to go and make tea. Shigure is not aware that Tohru knows the truth about Akito.

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Shigure notices that Tohru wanted to ask something about Akiro. But he acted like he didn’t notice anything and allow her to make tea. He realizes that it is a tough topic to asks about Akito. Akito is not the one to mess with, and everyone feels uneasy when she shows up or when her name is being mentioned. In the morning, Tohru walks with Momiji at the school passage. They talked about making flowers for decoration during graduation. They met with Uo, who got teased by another punk.

Momiji comments that she wants to repeat grades to be in the same class with her brother. She left with Uo, and Tohru realizes that it is hard to understand Kureno, Momiji, and Uo. She realizes that she doesn’t know what to talk about after knowing the truth about Akito. Tohru wonders how the others will feel if they know the truth about Akito. When she arrived at the class, she finds that Yuki’s flowers have been stolen. Tohru asks others why the flowers were stolen.

Prince Charming

Fruits Basket Season 3

Arisa replies that it is because they belong to prince Yuki. The girls who stole the flowers want to get attention from Yuki. They think that their prince Yuki might propose one of them one day. Motoko and her friend are the ones who stole Yuki’s flower. Motoko told other girls that they have done it and manages to pass all the obstacles. One of the girls comments that no one has seen them since they were in disguise. But one guy knows that those who stole the flowers are the trio that loves Yuki.

Arisa started to suspect that Kyo is the one who stole the flowers of the prince charming Yuki. The girls who stole the flowers are also in front of them. Kyo comments that they stole Yukis’s flowers, not his flowers. Kyo looks back and finds that his flowers have so been stolen. The girls who stole Kyo’s flowers comments that the ones who get them get Kyo’s love. Kyo comments that if he finds the culprit, he will punish them, but the culprits are in front of him.

No one knows what is happening except for the girls who stole the flowers. Arisa decided to find the girls who stole the flowers, and Tohru realizes they are in trouble. Arias told Tohru not to be soft with the criminals. Later Arisa came back and revealed that she had found them and they have returned the flowers. Meanwhile, at home, Shigure gave Akito the flower he made for her, and Akito realizes that dream has come true. They also talk about Kureno, who slept with Akito, and she knows that Shigure loves her.

Fruits Basket Season 3rd Episode 3 Release Date and Preview

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3 will be released on Tuesday, 20 April 2021, at 1:35 AM JST. You can watch Fruits Basket Season 3 online on Crunchyroll,  AnimeLab, and  Funimation. Let’s find more about Fruits Basket Season 3 upcoming episode in the preview below.

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