Amazon Hits $3 Billion in Global Sales From India -

Amazon Hits $3 Billion in Global Sales From India

 Amazon Hits $3 Billion in Global Sales From India

An employee of Amazon India checks products loaded in a truck before being despatched for delivery | Source: Getty Images

Amazon India said it has enabled exports of Indian-made goods worth $3 billion and created over a million local jobs since it began operating in the Asian nation about a decade ago and about $1 billion of that total was generated since January 2020. More than 50,000 offline retailers and neighbourhood stores are now on the platform, the company’s country chief told local business media.

The e-commerce giant is on something of a charm offensive as its fight against rivals Reliance Industries and Walmart’s Flipkart intensifies in a market Morgan Stanley estimates will see $200 billion annually in e-commerce sales by 2026.

Both Amazon India and Flipkart have also come under fire from the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) which says they are responsible for destroying India’s retail sector. Effigies of the two companies were burned as part of a CAIT-led protest last month.

This said, the numbers are illustrative of the frenetic pace of growth in Indian online retail since the outbreak of the pandemic and according to Amazon India chief, Amit Agarwal, also shows the company is on track to fulfil a 2020 commitment made by founder Jeff Bezos to digitally enable 10 million businesses, handle e-commerce exports worth $10 billion and create a million additional jobs in India in the five years to 2025.

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