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Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Chapter 1011

 Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Chapter 1011

Before we proceed, further One Piece is taking a weekly break next week. We will detail everything at the end of the post; make sure you check the updates. Let’s dive deep into the main news here. Today’s chapter is titled Haoshoku. The story continues where it has left us. Big Mom was falling after being sent flying by Captain Kid. She got sent away from Onigashima while Luffy, Zoro, Captain Kid, and Law clashes with Kaido. Kaido decided to battle four of them alone.

Luffy has been smashed by Kai and sent flying. He is trying to recover while Kaido faces the reaming three. Kaido unleashed a powerful blow, trying to free Prometheus from Zoro. Law uses Shamble to exchanges his position with Zoro. He begins to fight with Kaido instead of Zoro. More updates of One Piece will continue below.

One Piece Chapter 101o Highlights

The trio tries to take down Kaido without Luffy, but Kaido has freed Prometheus. Prometheus decided to head towards Big Mom’s directions. Prometheus knows that if Big Mom hits with the ground from such height, things might get worse. He decided to help Big Mom before the worst happens. Captain Kid comments that they have achieved their goal of separating two Beast Pirates.

He also said they would handle Big Mom and Zoro wanted to tell Captain Kid and Killer something. The battle became intense, and Prometheus manages to arrive where Big Mom is falling from in time. Prometheus manages to save Big Mom before she shames with the ground. Big Mom asks Prometheus about something. While Zoro told Law to use his powerful attack, and if it doesn’t work on Kaido, he will take care of him. Zoro exchanges word with Kaido when he prepares to attack him.

Zoro unleashes a powerful Asura attack and attacks Kaido. After the attack, Kaido comments that it can’t be and ask Zoro if he has Haoshoku. Kaido also said this attack would leave a scar on him, and he comments that enough is enough.  He unleashed a powerful attack and attacked Law while saying Raimei Hakke. Suddenly Luffy has just managed to recover from the dealer blow fired by Kaido.

Thunder Bagua

One Piece

He stood up and started to talk with Kaido. Luffy said that he realizes everything when Kaido hits him with his bat. He asks Kaido if he used the Haoshoku. Kaido replied that only a powerful being could pull that one. Kaido is surprised that he fall before Luffy landed a clean blow. Luffy comments that Kaido will fall just like what has happened now and won’t keep on standing. As the battle continues, it was revealed that Lw has managed to survive the Thunder Bagua. Haoushoku is the attack that injured an enemy before it landed.

That’s why Luffy asks Kaido about Haoushoku, realizing that he got hit before it landed. Zoro’s Ashura is developed from drawing a sword. The attack had left a scar on Kaido’s body before he knew it. Captain Kid and Killer has gone somewhere to take care of one of the Beast Pirates. But later, the two have just disappeared since they were going to face Big Mom. This has to do with something that Mom asks about from Prometheus.

Meanwhile, Zoro wonders what Haoushoku is. He asks Luffy what it is since he heard him asking Kaido about it. The earlier attack that hit Kaido is starting to show some impact. Kaido has started to bleed as the battle continues. The truth about Big Mom, Zeus, and Prothemus will be revealed soon. We will find how Big Mom got to save and what has happened to Captain Kid and Killer. Even Zoro’s Ashura and the truth about Haoushoku will be revealed. Take a look at the updates below for you not to miss the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1011 Release Date and Where to Read Online?

One Piece Chapter 1011 will release on Sunday, 25 April 2021. New chapters of One Piece will be available every Sunday, and there Break this weak. The spoiler of the upcoming chapter will be available next week. Read more about Kaido and Luffy’s battle here on One Piece Chapter 1010 or One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers: Zoro’s Conqueror Haki?