Pinterest Announces Creator Fund -

Pinterest Announces Creator Fund

 Pinterest Announces Creator Fund

Pinterest’s new tools help advertisers sell more product on the social media platform. Pinterest.

The social media company known for its digital image boards is stepping up its efforts to woo influencers to the platform with financial support, joining similar programs at TikTok, Facebook and others. Pinterest’s fund is currently limited to creators from underrepresented communities in the US and comes with education and connection to the platform’s advertisers for additional paid opportunities.

The announcement was coupled with the release of a code of conduct for users who sign on to use Pinterest’s new “Stories” product of short-form video and images, as well as new moderation tools. The platform, which counts 450 million months users, is pushing positivity as another way to woo more users and influencers and differentiate itself from other social media companies that have come under fire for spreading misinformation or bullying.

“We’ve been building Pinterest for 11 years, and ever since our users routinely tell us that Pinterest is the ‘last positive corner of the internet’,” said co-founder Evan Sharp in a presentation to creators on Wednesday.

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