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20 Ways to Gear Up Like an Absolute Champ This Summer

 20 Ways to Gear Up Like an Absolute Champ This Summer

It’s been a weird year for getting dressed. If you’re shaking off the style cobwebs, breaking free of your sweatpants, and need some pointers on where to go next, we’ve got you. All week long, GQ Recommends is exploring What to Wear Now: the clothes, designers, bold moves and big vibes that matter at this precise moment.

Last summer, as we all searched for safe refuge outside of the confines of our own homes, tennis courts and golf courses suddenly felt central to American life in a way they hadn’t in decades—or possibly ever. People—people you knew, people your age, people who’d never so much as shown interest in a brisk walk from the time you’d met—were suddenly talking about tee times and string tension. Almost a year later, that enthusiasm has fully spilled over into our wardrobes.

Truth is, for as fuddy-duddy as they might sometimes seem, tennis and golf both rank among the most stylish sports on the planet. In the interest of time, rather than diving deep on their rich sartorial histories, here are a few keywords worth Googling for each: René Lacoste’s shirts, Arthur Ashe’s glasses, Bjorn Borg’s short-shorts, Andre Agassi’s Nikes; Arnold Palmer’s cardigans, Jack Nicklaus’ tartan pants, Payne Stewart’s everything, Tiger Woods’ Sunday reds.

Both sports have long been fertile territory for designers to draw from, but they feel even more relevant than usual to the way we’re dressing in 2021. Even if you don’t know a deuce from a double fault, even if you can’t make par on a putt-putt course, you need to bring some of these very specific athletic vibes to your closet right now. It’s a little bit preppy, a little bit techy, and unabashedly cool. Here are 20 fist-pump-inducing ways to dress like a champion all season long.

Casablanca Tennis Club print silk-twill shirt, $792

All those balmy beach holidays you’ve missed out on this past year? Casablanca’s signature recipe of lush printed silks and extravagant flowy silhouettes are designed to bring the resort straight to you. Start with this absolute kingly camp shirt, which’ll work as well crushing Negronis poolside as it will conquering opponents on the grass court. 

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Asics UB1-S Gel-Kayano 14 sneakers

We love a throwback tennis shoe around these parts, but lately it’s been hulked-out, aughts-era runners making it to our feet the most. Take this glorious Asics concoction for example: juiced up in a spicy, shiny red-and-purple colorway, it’s the type of sneaker that downright radiates good vibes every time you enter a room.

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