Preview and Recap: Sunshine of My Life Episode 39 & 40 -

Preview and Recap: Sunshine of My Life Episode 39 & 40

 Preview and Recap: Sunshine of My Life Episode 39 & 40

Chinese Drama Sunshine of My Life became quite popular, it is yet quite an ordinary drama that features the relationship between a lonely CEO devoted to working and a passionate fashion designer. Zhang Han and Lulu Xu are the leading casts for the drama that plays the roles of Tang Ming Xuan and Mo Fei. The other names for the drama are If You Well It’s Fine, You Are the Greatest Happiness of My life, Ruo Ni An Hao Bian Shi Qing Tian, etc.

Li Xi is the screenwriter for Sunshine of My Life with Tien Jen Huang as its director. The location sites for the filming are Paris, Shanghai, and Suzhou. The romantic love story between the leading pair is not only cute and fresh but also funny. The drama has got ratings and is also available in Viki with English subtitles for viewers.

Sunshine of My Life starts with two small children talking wherein the girl is telling him a story about a fox and the prince. They were also playing together with toys and running around. Then we see that it is only a dream of Tang Ming Xuan while in the consultation with his psychiatrist. His psychiatrist asks him how he feels after he wakes up and if he saw anything. He replies that he dreamt of a girl who was telling him a story. However, he does not recognizes the girl and says to the Psychiatrist that it is only a dream. She also enquires about him having insomnia and says to take the prescribed medicines.

The scene shifts to Tang Fei working on something and also saying something in a microphone. She began speaking to someone, namely Shen Jianxi, on the phone. Her friend asks her to come with her the next day to Mingyuan’s fashion conference as she got two tickets. They both went to the fashion show the next day, which was organized by Ming Xuan’s company. However, she was Tang Fei. She was telling her friend something about the designs. The other designer heard her and asked if anything is wrong with their clothes. Tang Fei said that she was just stating her opinion and nothing is wrong with their clothes. Ming Xuan also saw her notebook and accuses her of plagiarizing. The rest of the episodes are how they meet and feel in love overcoming all shortcomings.

Sunshine of My Life Episode 39 & 40: Release Date

The upcoming Sunshine of My Life Episodes 39 & 40 is set to release on April 5, 2021, on Dragon TV and Tencent Video at 5:30 p.m. It is a romantic business life drama that revolves around the life of Tang Ming Xuan and Tang Fei. Sunshine of My Life aired its first episode on March 17, 2021, and will come to an end on April 08, 2021. The drama airs two episodes every day of the week. Every episode has a runtime of 45 minutes. Sunshine of My Life drama consisted of forty-five episodes, out of which thirty-eight episodes have already aired.

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Leading Casts for Sunshine of My Life (Credit: Viki)

The previous episode of Sunshine of My Life, Episode 38, is not available with English subtitles at the moment. However, we can still deduce few things from the episode. However, we saw that how Miss Bai is furious with the designers of the company. She had given an order to everyone to show her a completely new design draft. At the ending of the episode, she saw someone and told her driver to turn around the car. The upcoming episode will feature who she saw and turned around for the meeting. The design of Mo Fei also became number one in sales. The upcoming episode will feature more of her design, the love story, and complications between Tang Ming Xuan and Tang Fei.

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