Anthony Davis Rushes to Motorcycle Crash Site to Aid His Security -

Anthony Davis Rushes to Motorcycle Crash Site to Aid His Security

 Anthony Davis Rushes to Motorcycle Crash Site to Aid His Security

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Anthony Davis quickly responded to a crash scene involving his security guard to see if he could help, and even had a stop-and-chat with cops who arrived … TMZ Sports has learned.

The Lakers star was front and center Saturday on the heels of what we’re hearing was a one-vehicle collision that involved a motorcycle … which our law enforcement sources tell us resulted in one person being transported to the hospital.

It’s unclear if the person transported was AD’s security guard, but it’d be a safe bet that it was. We’re told by people close to AD that he simply showed up to check on his guy — but we’ve been assured AD was not involved in the accident himself .. and only showed up after the fact since he was nearby. What we do know for sure … AD’s security is said to be in stable condition.

We also got video and photos of AD on the scene — in flip-flops, no less — as he talked to police and also talked on the phone. As for what exactly happened and led up to the crash … we’re not quite sure, but are working on getting more info.

Based on pics from the scene, however, it looks like a flexible delineator post in the middle of the road might’ve been struck … as cops were standing over one that was completely bent to one side. The motorcycle in question, meanwhile, was eventually taken away in a tow truck.

It also seems like AD’s camp came by to check on him at one point … we’re told AD ended up getting into a Mercedes Maybach that arrived to get him, this after talking to someone in what looked to be a Rolls-Royce not too far from where the motorcycle was parked.

One eyewitness tells us AD looked pissed during the commotion, which is more than understandable. Assuming this is a good pal of his, his emotions running high would make sense.

AD springing into action like this for a traffic incident is very much following in Laker tradition — Kobe Bryant once pulled over on the side of a street to help someone out in Newport Beach. Shaq did something very similar just last year as well.