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Tiger Woods Investigators Determine Crash Cause, Won’t Release Report Citing ‘Privacy’

 Tiger Woods Investigators Determine Crash Cause, Won't Release Report Citing 'Privacy'

The investigators tasked with finding the cause of the Tiger Woods crash have determined the cause of the accident — but they’re not releasing the results, citing “privacy issues.”

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed Wednesday the investigation into Woods stemming from the Feb. 23 crash has wrapped up — but when pressed on the findings, he told the media he won’t go public with the findings until he gets permission from Tiger’s camp.

“A cause has been determined, the investigation has concluded,” Villanueva said.

“We have reached out to Tiger Woods and his personnel … There’s some privacy issues on releasing information on the investigation so we’re going to ask them if they waive the privacy and then we will be able to do a full release on all the information regarding the accident.”

Villanueva did not expand on why he would need Tiger’s permission to release the info.

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As we previously reported … the investigation had unearthed some troubling evidence after law enforcement sources told us they believed Tiger never hit the brakes as he spun off the road. We were also told there was no evidence he took his foot off the gas either.

We were told investigators believed Tiger did nothing to prevent the crash once he lost control of his expensive SUV rental. Our sources had said before Tiger got to the scene of the crash he had been driving “normal” and not speeding. Evidence indicated he accelerated and was speeding when he lost control.

As we reported, the Sheriff’s Dept. said Tiger told one of the first responders he had no recollection of the accident. Even still … the Sheriff said almost immediately after the crash there was no evidence of impaired driving nor any evidence of alcohol. That being said … the Sheriff also never attempted to get a warrant to draw blood to test for medications and was adamant Tiger wouldn’t face criminal charges for the crash.

Tiger, of course, suffered major injuries in the single-car crash — like major damage to his right leg, comminuted open fractures to both his upper and lower tibia and fibula — which required emergency surgery.

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Doctors at Harbor-UCLA used a rod to stabilize the leg and screws to treat Tiger’s badly damaged ankle. He was later moved to Cedars-Sinai in the days following the crash where he continued his care before he was discharged and sent home for a long road to recovery.