The New 4 Ps of DTC Marketing -

The New 4 Ps of DTC Marketing

 The New 4 Ps of DTC Marketing

This #BoFLIVE event was based on the ‘The New Four Ps of DTC Marketing’ case study. Click here to read our full analysis.

As the fashion and beauty industry adapts to new customer needs, marketing has been a fundamental tool for growth for direct-to-consumer brands. BoF senior editorial associate Alexandra Mondalek discusses the new 4 Ps — positioning, personalisation, purpose and partnerships — and how brands have transformed with Millennial and Gen-Z consumers with Sean McDonnald, global chief digital officer at McCann, Olivia Yallop, creative director at The Digital Fairy and Maeva Heim, founder and chief executive at Bread Beauty Supply.

“We are long overdue [for] a re-shifting of focus towards a brand voice and [I] think that also plays into… a shift towards values and personalities and needing to communicate more serious conversations,” explains Yallop.

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