Keith Hernandez on His Cat Hadji’s Favorite Things -

Keith Hernandez on His Cat Hadji’s Favorite Things

 Keith Hernandez on His Cat Hadji’s Favorite Things

“I’m out in the back a lot, I like to be outdoors,” Hernandez says. “And he’s sitting there from a very young age screeching and demanding to come out. So I just went online and, boom, there was Kittywalk. I went, ‘Oh my God, that makes perfect sense.’ So I assembled and now he can go outside.”

Kittywalk Grand Prix



The Cat Stroller

When Hadji isn’t relaxing in his outdoor cat palace, he gets wheeled around poolside in a stroller, also by Kittywalk.

“They sent me that stroller on the house,” Hernandez tells me. “He likes to be near people. He’s not a distant cat, he’s very gregarious and loves people.”

Emerald stroller



The Cat Bed

“It’s just a basic, simple cat bed,” Hernandez says. “Round and as big as a steering wheel and he fits in there. You buy it at any pet store. Nothing special about it.”

One basic, simple, non-special cat bed option, if you’re in the market?

Best Friends By Sheri Cuddle Cup

The Cat Toys

Hadji likes “anything with catnip.” Hernandez also tries to keep him active by hiding dangling toys around the house. “I have it hooked up in various spots in the house so he can bat them around,” he says. “I have a bookshelf and I just smush the fishing pole part of it in there pretty securely and it dangles.”

Catnip Fish Toy Wand

The Cat Tree

Courtesy of Keith Hernandez

“I have several cat trees in both Florida and New York,” Hernandez says. “I actually have a shed built off the side of the house in South Hampton on the pool deck that I’d say is maybe 20 feet by eight feet and it has a roof. I call it Hadji’s cat house. My contractor built a small doggy door so he can go in and out whenever he wants anytime of night, anytime of day. And I got a little cat tree in there for him.”

In the spirit of living large like Hadji, behold, the most extravagant cat tree we could dig up.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo



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