The Real-Life Diet of Knicks Breakout Julius Randle, Who Preps for Games with Huge Breakfasts and Meditation -

The Real-Life Diet of Knicks Breakout Julius Randle, Who Preps for Games with Huge Breakfasts and Meditation

 The Real-Life Diet of Knicks Breakout Julius Randle, Who Preps for Games with Huge Breakfasts and Meditation

I can definitely feel the difference with what I put into my body now, as far as how I wake up, the type of energy I have, how I feel going into games. 

How difficult has it been this season to find good quality food on the road when your travel schedule is intense and COVID is disrupting so much?

Obviously you have your Postmates and UberEats, but honestly, the Knicks have done a great job of having chefs cook for us every night when we’re on the road. The meal selection has been great. They’re working with the nutritionist on the team, so we know we’re putting the right stuff in our body. I have to give a shout out to the Knicks and Uncle Wes [William Wesley, Knicks Executive Vice President] because he’s really made it a point to make sure we’re happy with the food selection and they’ve done a great job of providing food for us.

What does a cheat meal look like nowadays?

I’m a Southern boy, so I’ll definitely do some Southern comfort food. But I also love Italian food. I’ll have a chicken alfredo. Love the pastas. I’m from Dallas, so Tex-Mex is huge. I’ll do some Mexican food. I have a couple of different options when it comes to cheat days.

You have to have a balance. Obviously, going from city to city is different now because of COVID and we’re not able to go to restaurants. But I also enjoy myself as well—you have your favorite restaurants in certain cities you that you can look forward to going to. You definitely have to treat yourself in that aspect, but that can also make the road hard. So you just have to have a mindfulness about what you’re putting in your body and find a balance.

You’ve now partnered with the energy drink brand Celsius. How has that fit into your overall routine?

It’s very authentic to me as far as nutrition and putting the right stuff in my body. It’s easy to grab a coffee to start the day, put a bunch of cream and sugar in there, but that’s probably not the best type of energy boost that you want to begin a workout. Celsius is a great drink that gives me a lot of energy, the taste is amazing and it’s healthy. It has essential vitamins, and no sugar or artificial flavors. Even before I signed with them, we were drinking it like crazy in my household.

You played alongside Kobe for your first two seasons. Given the maintenance and work he had to put into his body during those last couple of years, did you learn any lessons there? 

Just his commitment dedication and the mindset that he had. Kobe was my favorite player from just the way he went about competition. He was so skilled, but his mindset and his approach were really what I took away from him more than anything. How tactical, passionate and detailed he is about the game–he really loved the game. 

What’s your typical game day routine?

I wake up, do my meditating and devotional to make sure my mind is right. We’ll have a shootaround and I’ll come back home usually. On game days, I like a huge breakfast. It’ll be some eggs, preferably an omelet, some protein. It has to be a huge. My chef does a good job at switching things up with what I like. I’ll take a nap, wake up and meditate again for about 30-45 minutes.

My chef usually has a small pre-game snack for me, like a sandwich or wrap. I’m not huge on eating much before the game. Once I have my snack and Celsius, I have a physical therapist I work with at the house to get my body right. I’ll get to the arena and do some contrast with the cold and hot tub, get some more stretching in and then it’s time to warm up, get my shots up—then it’s time to go to work. 

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