From Tik-Tok to Visionland: YBN Nahmir Is Back -

From Tik-Tok to Visionland: YBN Nahmir Is Back

 From Tik-Tok to Visionland: YBN Nahmir Is Back

You’ve said that older industry people took advantage of YBN, but you didn’t name them. But Jay doesn’t mince words, and on social media he called out the head of your label ART@WAR James McMillan, calling him a “fraud” who signs people to “janky deals” and takes advantage of kids, and said he was responsible for YBN breaking up.

I just really don’t like speaking on it. It’s not like Cordae left YBN because of us, because of something we did, but it’s like I said in the No Jumper interview, it was old n-ggas and people in the background, and our contract situation. I don’t really be tryna get on the internet and talk about too many names. I try to stay out of that shit. But when Jay posted that, I understood it, I know what he’s talking about. I get it. Because that’s what we’re going through.

The album title, that comes from an amusement park in Alabama that you used to go to?

It was really me [trying to] make my hometown famous. It’s not really in Birmingham, it’s in Bessemer, which is like thirty minutes away from the east side of Birmingham. And I made so many memories there, like family reunions. My family from different states used to come there and we used to do family reunions, picnics and all that shit there.

Was Travis Scott an inspiration for that choice? Because I thought of Astroworld when I heard about the title.

Even before I got famous I was already planning on naming my album Visionland. Because it was always my vision. Like, I am the only person from Alabama to really get to that top-tier status and that can have an impact on people. I feel like me putting the amusement park Visionland in my shit, I feel like I gave other people my vision, and I stepped into their vision, so they can feel me too. There’s something for everybody on this album.

Maybe the most fun two minutes on Visionland is “WooWAM.” So what exactly is a “WooWAM”? Something sexual, I’m guessing?

Well yeah, I’m tryna “woowam,” you feel me? [laughs] Nah, I just made that shit up out of nowhere. I was so drunk one night, and I was like, “Damn, bruh, I can’t just waste this studio session….” And it was random as fuck, I was just [sings] “I want her and her friends…” and I thought, “what can I say to make it different?” To make it sex, you feel me, I just had to find a different word.

It really grows on you, that song.

Yeah, like a lot of people didn’t like “WooWAM” at first, but then it was like, “Hey, drop ‘WooWAM’, drop ‘WooWAM’.” That’s all people was talking about, so now it’s like, “Okay I’m gonna drop ‘WooWAM.’” WooWAM is everything now – they made it a viral thing on Twitch, everybody’s saying it now – it’s become like a saying.

And then the song that’s gonna shock the most people, is this soul-funk-disco track “Soul Train.” No one has ever heard Nahmir sing like you do on that one, getting all romantic and soulful. You’ve got an inner Bruno Mars!

[laughs] That’s who I wanted to get on that track.

You even sing in falsetto at the end, going, “I gotta stay focused.” It’s pretty bold to do something so different.

I really didn’t want to put it out too early, because I feel like, you know I rap too much about bitches and hos and drugs and that kind of thing. So I felt like [this] would throw that off a little bit, people be like “Damn this n-gga’s a simp” But, at the end of the day, it’s a cool ass song, I like it – but I don’t love it, you feel me? I put it on the album because it’s different. And I know it’s gonna go somewhere. I really don’t usually make songs for the ladies. But I feel like it will make a lot of progress and show people another side of me too. Like, I can do anything. And it’s a song that a lot of people will relate to, because they simps, just like me, normal people.

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