Paul Staehle: Karine Cleared My Name! A 90 Day Fiance Superfan Tried to Murder Me! -

Paul Staehle: Karine Cleared My Name! A 90 Day Fiance Superfan Tried to Murder Me!

 Paul Staehle: Karine Cleared My Name! A 90 Day Fiance Superfan Tried to Murder Me!

Early last month, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins welcomed baby Ethan, their second child.

The on-again, off-again 90 Day Fiance couple had a bitter, troubling breakup last year full of alarming accusations.

Now, Karine and Paul claim that the accusations originated with a translator, not with Karine.

And Paul says that this 90 Day Fiance superfan turned straight-up stalker … and planned to murder him.

“Hello everybody,” Karine said on her Instagram Stories on Saturday, March 20.

“I’m here to apologize about the accusations about Paul,” she shared.

Karine claimed: “[they are] false.”

“The translator who tried [to] help me was wrong,” Karine accused.

“And did not understand me cause my English is no good,” she explained.

“I’m so sorry,” Karine expressed. “I’m sorry, Paul.”

Paul took to his own Instagram Stories to thank his wife … and say so much more.

“Thank you @staehlekarine for being an amazing wife to me and mother to our [two] amazing children,” Paul wrote.

“I am truly sorry I am far from perfect,” he apologized.

“I do not blame you for past events,” Paul affirmed.

“I blame myself,” he added.

It’s certainly true that Paul and Karine could have made better choices.

“I hope and pray [folded hands emoji] our family will continue to thrive,” Paul declared.

He continued, expressing his hope that they can mend “and heal day by day.”

Honestly, if they can turn this toxic and tumultuous marriage into a success … fans would be impressed.

“I will dedicate myself every day to understand you better,” Paul pledged.

“And,” he added, “not be so annoying and frustrating.”

That sounds very sweet … though fans may find it a tough pill to swallow.

Fans would perhaps have had an easier time doubting the claims about Paul were it not for his on-screen behavior or lengthy criminal history.

Karine was not the first woman to contact the police because of him.

Additionally, fans saw Paul dial the creepiness up to 11, forcing hugs upon Karine while she cried and asked him to stop.

It was Paul’s other Instagram Story post that raised eyebrows even further.

In it, he alleged that all of the blame lies with Karine’s unlicensed translator who helped her in the summer.

According to him, she didn’t misunderstand Karine — she … well, read it for yourself.

Paul’s follow-up Instagram Story had so much to say, and Paul just dropped all of this very casually.

“It disgusts me she tried to Karine have an abortion and have false allegations placed on me,” he wrote.

“This was not Karine’s idea,” he insisted. “This was the fan of the TV show.”

“Karine learned the woman planned to have me murdered to attempt to permanently get rid of me,” Paul alleged.

This, he said, is when “Karine left her house.”

According to Paul, this is not the first time that fans have attempted to have him murdered.

This is all extremely wild, but we will say that there are of course cases of obsessed fans who become violent and dangerous.

There are also cases of spouses who reconnect and do everything that they can to cover for each other and themselves.

We should note that Karine’s version only says that there was a translation error, not … uh, a murder plot.

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