Natalie Mordovtseva Breaks Down on 90 Day Fiance: My Wedding is Ruined! -

Natalie Mordovtseva Breaks Down on 90 Day Fiance: My Wedding is Ruined!

 Natalie Mordovtseva Breaks Down on 90 Day Fiance: My Wedding is Ruined!

On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Natalie Mordovtseva tried on her wedding dress.

It was a bittersweet moment, because there was already so much in doubt.

On this sneak peek for Season 8, Episode 14, Natalie has very bad news to deliver.

Miserable, she breaks down into tears while delivering it.

On this sneak peek clip of Sunday’s new episode, COVID-19 has hit.

We don’t know the exact date, but Mike is out shopping in a mask.

They only have days before their K-1 visa deadline.

At this point, Mike has already accepted that their “wedding” won’t be much of one.

The idea now is to have the ceremony, such as it is, right outside of the house, by the pond.

He says that his biggest hope for their wedding is good weather. (Cue Alanis)

We see shots of Natalie putting extra emphasis on washing her hands.

I cringe seeing her use dish soap on her hands, but then I remember that that was some of the earliest advice.

The grease-fighting properties of dish soap have additional destructive properties against the novel coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic is doing more than making Natalie extra conscious about disinfecting the kitchen counters.

She has learned that Ukraine has closed its borders in light of the global emergency.

(Ukraine announced this almost exactly one year before this episode aired, by the way)

Because of that, Natalie has bad news about her wedding.

Her mother cannot come and see it, as she cannot fly to the US.

Between Mike’s heel-dragging and the pandemic, Natalie has to get married alone.

Natalie now has to do something familiar to so many of us.

She has to tell her mom that she can’t come and see her.

This is a painful moment, and even when it’s not under your control, you feel like you’re a bad son or daughter for doing it.

She calls up her mother over Skype on a laptop.

The days until her wedding day deadline are alarmingly short.

Honestly? This won’t fix everything, but K-1 visa couples should aim for 60 days to avoid this kind of thing.

We have to note that Natalie’s laptop is very unique looking.

Okay, it’s her keyboard.

It’s giving us a mix of “Periodic Table” and “pill dispenser case” vibes.

Anyway, Natalie’s mother is immediately aware that something is wrong.

Natalie’s not exactly hiding it.

She’s crying, and her large, beautiful eyes make that obvious.

Natalie speaks to her mother about how the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into their plans.

(“Plans” is being a little generous … Mike consistently refused to actually plan the wedding before this crisis)

She can barely bring herself to tell her mother the news.

Tearful, Natalie begins tot ell her mother the grim tidings.

She can’t come to the wedding.

With the pandemic and closed borders, there’s just no way.

This is a painful conversation to witness, no matter what fans think of Natalie.

Honestly … it’s so raw.

Natalie feels so alone in Sequim, Washington.

And now, her mother can’t be there for her wedding.

It’s devastating.

The closest things that she has to friends are, what, the production staff?

Natalie’s mother is kind and supportive in response.

She encourages her to think positively.

She wants Natalie to believe that things can work out for the best.

Of course, it’s hard to look forward to a happy future.

After all, back in March, none of us knew when this would end.

(I think that around this time, I was thinking “this could last until the end of summer” … I wish)

Natalie and her mother end the call.

She just sits there, miserable and feeling alone and hopeless.

Your heart goes out to her. This is an unfair situation.

Unfortunately, we already know from the previews that this won’t be the end of her heartache.

Things will get worse for Natalie on Episode 14.

However, they’ll also get better … eventually.

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