Australian Fashion Summit Goes Online -

Australian Fashion Summit Goes Online

 Australian Fashion Summit Goes Online

Bryan Grey Yambao aka Bryanboy at his house in Stockholm, Sweden | Photo: Therese Öhrvall for BoF

Bryan Grey Yambao, better known as Bryanboy, and Depop CEO, Maria Raga, will be among the speakers at the Australian Fashion Summit, which will run an entirely online edition from March 17 to 19.

The Summit is part of the Melbourne Fashion Festival, which is running a combination of in-person events and shows alongside other online presentations and activities from March 11 to 20. Topics set to be covered as part of the summit include circularity in the fashion industry, representation of Indigenous Australians in fashion and the increasing clout of digital platforms in shaping fashion consumption.

Australia’s zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Covid-19, has resulted in a series of strict lockdowns, most notably in Melbourne, which endured a 111-day lockdown that lifted last October, but also virtually no community transmission within the country. Though life has been able to get relatively back to normal within Australia, its borders remain largely closed to international visitors.

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