The Real-Life Diet of Trainer Ron “Boss” Everline, Who Says There's a Right Way to Eat Chipotle -

The Real-Life Diet of Trainer Ron “Boss” Everline, Who Says There’s a Right Way to Eat Chipotle

 The Real-Life Diet of Trainer Ron “Boss” Everline, Who Says There's a Right Way to Eat Chipotle

Why’s that? 

If you want my truth, it’s because I think most people are lactose intolerant. When I eat dairy, I feel bloated and I have gas. I got a wife and a kid, and even though I want to blame it on someone else—we all know the truth.

Fair. Are you snacking after lunch?

I recently started to dive into a peanut butter and apple situation. I’m a creamy guy. I’m not into the almond butter trend, but everybody picks their poison. Then I’ll probably have another C4, because I need to stay sharp. For the business, I have trainers everywhere—including in other countries. I need to be on point and alert. I also am big on making sure I’m getting my greens in, so I often hit up a fresh pressed juice spot in the area, add in there some turmeric, ginger cayenne, all those different things, just trying to keep your system at the best possible place.

What about dinner?

Again, we do a lot of bowls. One of my favorites is a “fiesta”-themed with corn and jasmine rice. I know a lot of people are trying to run from carbs, but they’re central to fuel. I don’t do any red meat, and I just started adding turkey back into the mix.

Anything else?

Depending on what’s going on with my own training, I’ll have a protein shake at night, with a very simple chocolate whey protein, peanut butter, ice, and almond milk. That’s it.

What time are you getting to bed?

I never want to send the wrong message to people by admitting that I don’t get to bed until 11:30 or 12. Sleep is super, super important. But right now, I’m in a life phase where I’m not getting a lot of it, and that’s specifically why my nutrition is super, super on point. I also don’t drink during the week, unless there’s a Thursday night football game. And in that case, I’m a tequila guy, or I’ll drink a glass of wine with my wife. Sometimes you’ve got to break those boundaries in order to kind of relax. Life can’t be so super strict all of the time.

Speaking of strict, do you have a sweet tooth?

Oh yeah. I try to live my life mostly at 80 percent in control, 20 percent indulgence. Oreos are definitely my weakness. And not just like, one Oreo. The only way I’m only eating one Oreo at a time is if there’s only one left in the sleeve. Otherwise, it’s the sleeve. I’m also big on mixing both caramel and cheese popcorn together. I find that every once in a while, that’s O.K. You gotta learn how to be consistent with your health, and have a little bit of leeway. That’s not only gonna make your life better, but it’s going to make the lives of the people around you better, too.

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By Danielle Cohen

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