Kylie Jenner Shares Her Most Boob-tastic Selfie to Date -

Kylie Jenner Shares Her Most Boob-tastic Selfie to Date

 Kylie Jenner Shares Her Most Boob-tastic Selfie to Date

Kylie Jenner has shown us just about everything she has to show over the past few years.

We’ve seen it all — from Kylie’s $36 million mansion to her relationship with her daughter, sisters, and parents.

But mostly, we’ve seen Kylie partially nude.

Whether it’s Kylie’s Playboy pictorial or the racy pics she posts on Instagram on a daily basis, very little has been left to the imagination.

And for that, we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

You’d think that by now, the routine would start to get old, and Kylie’s Instagram followers would begin to lose interest.

But that hasn’t happened for a number of reasons.

For one, Instagram is one of the horniest places on the internet, and a young woman posting bikini pics will always find an eager audience — in fact, they may be a little too eager.

On top of that, Kylie keeps finding new and interesting ways to keep her aesthetic fresh.

Oh, you think you’ve seen everything she has to offer? Boom! Now you’re seeing Kylie as a blonde.

Big deal, anyone can change their hair color? Bam! Why don’t you try thicker Kylie on for size?

Naturally, many of Kylie’s 200 million followers are curious as to how they might follow in her footsteps.

As a result, some of her most popular posts are the ones in which Kylie tells fans how they can copy her look.

And we guess her latest bikini selfie technically qualifies as one such post.

As you can see, Kylizzle decided to take the super-close-up approach here.

The style of her bikini has sparked a debate, but we’ll get to that later.

For now, let’s focus on Kylie’s advice for fans hoping to emulate her look here.

“SPF body oil @kylieskin,” Stormi’s mom captioned the post.

Yes, apparently all you have to do is slather yourself with Kylie’s signature snake body oil, and you, too, can look this good on the ‘Gram.

We’re guessing the product comes with a disclaimer indicating that it won’t actually transform you into Kylie, even if you bathe in it.

Even so, we’re sure this pic helped Kylie move quite a few units.

And we’re not talking about the way in which her bikini pics usually make units move.

Anyway, as for Kylie’s bikini, it’s a style that was apparently popularized in 2018 by an Italian influencer named Valentina Fradegrada.

Known as the “upside-down bikini,” the cut was apparently dubbed the “worst thing on Instagram” by irate fashion critics when it made its debut.

But at the start of this year, the New York Post declared that the look would soon make a comeback, and it seems it’s done exactly that.

Not only is Kylie rockin’ the top, it seems she’s got Twitter debating its merits.

“I like the upside down bikini top, but I’m actually mad that I like the upside down bikini top,” one person tweeted this week.

“UGHHH I can’t wait to wear my bikini top upside down all summer long,” another chimed in.

Naturally, the UDT had some detractors, as well:

“I’ll never understand the upside down bikini top trend,” one critic wrote.

It’s a little confusing, but we like to think of Kylie’s bikini selfies as abstract art:

You don’t need to understand them in order to appreciate their beauty.

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