Kevin Federline: I'm Just Protecting My Kids from Jamie, Not Helping #FreeBritney! -

Kevin Federline: I’m Just Protecting My Kids from Jamie, Not Helping #FreeBritney!

 Kevin Federline: I'm Just Protecting My Kids from Jamie, Not Helping #FreeBritney!

The past several days have been a whirlwind in the #FreeBritney world.

The New York Times-produced Framing Britney Spears documentary sparked public comments by numerous celebrities.

More people than ever before are voicing their disdain for Jamie Spears and the conservatorship that controls his daughter.

Kevin Federline, however, has a different perspective on the mother of his children’s predicament.

Multiple outlets have spoken with Kevin Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

According to Kaplan, Kevin has no plans to get involved in Britney’s feud with her father, the conservatorship battle, or anything related to that.

Why? Because right now, everything’s right as rain from Kevin’s perspective … so he doesn’t see a reason to rock the boat.

Kaplan does note that Kevin would absolutely take action on one condition: if something were to change that could harm their sons.

Kevin and Britney share two young teenage sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

And Kevin would weigh in and take legal action if he felt that anything about the conservatorship were endangering the safety of the boys.

Right now, however, Kevin is not concerned that Jayden or Sean are in harm’s way from the conservatorship.

Their grandfather is another story — after he allegedly broke down a door and physically assaulted Sean in 2019.

However, since then, the boys have been protected from their awful grandfather.

Immediately after the incident, Britney and Kevin raced into action to keep their sons safe.

Britney amended her custody arrangement to give the boys more time at their dad’s — where Jamie’s conservatorship has no power.

In addition to reporting the attack, Kevin obtained 3-year restraining orders to keep Jamie away from both sons.

With Jamie’s reportedly fragile health, many fans hope that this restraining order — which has less than two years remaining — will protect the boys for the rest of Jamie’s life.

But withered though he may be, his grasp on Britney’s life and finances has been nothing short of ironclad.

Though Britney’s one request has always been that Jamie not head her conservatorship, he has fought tooth and nail to oust any and all interference.

It’s not just that Jamie wants Britney to have a conservatorship. Court records show that he resents the idea of anyone but him being in control.

Many suspect that Jamie enjoys the benefits that come from having absolute control over how Britney’s fortune is invested.

Others believe that he’s just a spiteful old goblin who will yield control over his 39-year-old daughter’s life when someone pries it from his lifeless husk.

Kevin’s position — of protecting his children absolutely but otherwise not wanting to cause any ripples — is not going to earn him any points.

Many would hope that he would have shown the courage of Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and her son, Jayden — both of whom have publicly called Jamie a “dick.”

However, we can at least understand Kevin’s motivations for playing it safe … especially since he knows that his voice is unlikely to sway Jamie or the court.

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