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What 889 People Think of Love and Sex Right Now: A GQ Survey

 What 889 People Think of Love and Sex Right Now: A GQ Survey

The 3 most important elements of a loving relationship are:

Open communicationEmotional connectionSpending time together

71% of people say sex is important in a relationship.

24% of people say sex is crucial in a relationship.

40% of people are “very satisfied” with their sex life.

1/3 of people say they aren’t currently having sex.

34% of Asian people, 35% of white people, 53% of Hispanic people, and 63% of Black people say they are very satisfied with their sex life.

56% of straight women said they wouldn’t date a man who isn’t financially secure.

1/3 of people say COVID has had a negative impact on their relationship.

1/4 say COVID has strengthened their bond with their partner.

1/3 said COVID has had no impact on their relationship.

23% of all people feel a prenup is important.

LGBTQ+ couples are more likely than others to meet through social media and dating websites.

1 in 4 people feels unrequited love.

72% of people say “I love you” to their partner at least once a day.

Regardless of demographics, 1 in 2 people believes in soul mates.

47% of people are familiar with the concept of love languages.

71% of Black people are familiar with the concept.

76% of people who watch porn don’t pay for it.

People under 35 who watch porn are much more likely to pay for it.


Younger people are more likely to have posted video of themselves having sex on the internet. It’s also a more common practice for LGBTQ+ men (30%) and trans men and women (30%).


3x: People under 35 are three times as likely to have nudes of themselves on their phone.

Half of people (50%) share their passwords with their partners.

Only 9% of people are in a relationship where one person shares and the other doesn’t.

A quarter of people under the age of 35 have participated in a threesome, almost twice as many as their older counterparts. More than half of LGBTQ+ men have participated in a threesome (and 48% have participated in an orgy).


LGBTQ+ men59%

Couples Therapy

17% tried83% didn’t

Was Couples Therapy Helpful?

61% very helpful26% somewhat helpful13% not helpful

GQ’s Survey on Modern Love was administered in December 2020 and posed a series of multiple-choice and write-in questions to 889 individuals.

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