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90 Day Fiance Recap: Brandon Gibbs Wins Julia’s Freedom! (For Now)

 90 Day Fiance Recap: Brandon Gibbs Wins Julia's Freedom! (For Now)

90 Day Fiance Season 8 continues with Episode 9.

No one had more drama than Brandon and Julia.

After Julia’s very reasonable ultimatum, Brandon told his parents that it was time for him to move out … but their reactions were anything but reasonable.

Amira clearly resents Andrew partying it up in Puerto Vallarta while she is back home, traumatized.

But now Andrew wants her to try again.

Yara breaks the news to Jovi that she is pregnant.

Jovi can’t believe it. Literally, he does not believe her, and his disbelief continues for a while.

Natalie finally unpacks, but Mike has serious misgivings and is refusing to help her plan the wedding … and is afraid to explain why.

Rebecca’s friend Melanie visits her and Zied, but her confrontational questions reduce Rebecca to tears.

Stephanie makes a painful confession to Ryan after a night with no sex, and she cannot believe Ryan’s reaction.

Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown throws Tarik and Hazel’s plans for a loop.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina

After receiving an ultimatum from Julia that either they get their own place or she flees the nightmare farm to return to Russia, Brandon sits down to dinner with Betty and Ron. Honestly, given their reactions, it looks like he may have chosen to do this in public to avoid them making a scene like they might at home.

Time for the good news

He tells them that Julia is unhappy — the understatement of the year — and that it’s time for him to move out and get his own place. After his parents both protest, he explains (with an air of bewilderment that is unbecoming on him) that Julia hates feeding the animals.


“Why?!” Betty and Ron have the absolute gall to ask, even though they know perfectly well that they’ve treated Julia like an indentured servant. Either they’re just playing dumb for the cameras, or they are so wrapped up in their narcissistic bubble that they forgot that other people have their own likes, dislikes, and desires.


When Brandon explains that part of it is the indignity of farm labor, which disgusts and terrifies Julia, and part is that maybe his parents demand more of his time than Julia would like, Betty begins to tear up. Whether it’s a manipulation tactic or she’s genuinely hurt, who can say? … It’s probably both.


When Brandon tries to throw Julia under the bus by saying “it’s not my choice,” Ron lectures him, telling him that it IS his choice and that he’s making a huge mistake. No one’s sure what this old man’s deal is, but his anger was ridiculous.

6. “That makes me so sad”

Betty says that she had hoped that this would be like gaining a daughter and not losing a son, so she’s crying because Julia is “making him choose.” We’d say that Betty should have treated Julia like a daughter and not like a farmhand, but it’s clear from Brandon’s role in the household that Betty sees them as one in the same.

Brandon caves immediately because he is weak (and broke)

Brandon suggests a compromise, that maybe Julia would be appeased if she and Brandon could share a room — you know, like the adults that they are.

Ron is out of his mind

Ron says that he doesn’t want to “give in” to Julia, as if this is some sort of tense rivalry with his future daughter-in-law and “caving” would mean sacrificing something. Instead, Julia just very fairly said that she’s unhappy and won’t live like this anymore, Brandon relayed that, and Ron blew a gasket. You know, he’s at least as effed in the head as Betty. He makes that clear by saying Brandon SHOULD leave the farm.

Betty intercedes

Terrified of losing her “baby boy” (he is a 27-year-old man with a fiancee and a full time job), Betty says no, overriding Ron and begrudgingly agreeing to treat Julia like a human being and not like one of her caged dogs.

They still play the victim

Betty and Ron act like they’ve just been railroaded instead of finally agreeing to act like decent hosts, as they should have from the start.

Brandon gets to tell Julia

Don’t worry, he of course waited for the camera crew to film the revelation. He also pauses for SO long when she asks how it went when he told his parents.


He tells her that he’s basically too broke for an apartment to be a good idea, but that his parents have agreed that they can share a room. He also tells her that she won’t have to be a farmhand anymore, which we HOPE is true but have our doubts.

Julia is afraid to believe it

Brandon himself later says that it’s “too good to be true,” and we agree, but Brandon assures her that yes, his parents were willing to make this compromise.

Julia is thrilled to share the news

Instead of living like an indentures servant, she gets to actually be with her fiance — you know, the whole point of her coming to the US in the first place.

It’s not perfect

Very reasonably, she wants her own apartment, but she agrees that this is a “little fix” that will work for now.

But she’s worried

“I think after this situation, she hate me,” Julia says of Betty, asking Brandon if Betty had shown any signs that she’s upset about ‘losing her boy.” In other words, Julia quotes almost word-for-word what Betty said.

Brandon is a terrible liar

He claims that it went over well … which is very funny. But, that night, the two go to sleep in Brandon’s room.

Betty is worried

Up early the next day, she laments the changes in her family’s dynamic. You could almost sympathize with her if you forgot literally everything else that she has said and done all season.

Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa

While Andrew’s questionable choice to live it up in Puerto Vallarta continues, Amira is safely home in France after her traumatic detention in Mexico City. She wishes that she were having as good of a time as Andrew.

Andrew’s still at the resort

The two of them had planned to quarantine together for two weeks before coming to the US, but it didn’t work out, and now they’re both trying to figure out what to do.

Andrew has some Ideas

He says that they could just wait and see what happens … but with the K-1 visa about to run out, he tells Amira that their best bet might be for her to go to Serbia and try this whole thing again.

Oh no

Amira promises to think about it back at home (also, why does she have a framed photo of the Taj Mahal on her wall?), but it’s clear that she is NOT eager to put herself in harm’s way again.

Amira meets up with a friend

The friend reminds her that she shouldn’t just think of his needs, but her own needs, her own wants, and of course her safety.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren

Jovi just got off the plane to return home and Yara was unhappy that he was drinking so early in the morning. On the one hand, that’s no way to greet someone, and time isn’t real — especially on an airplane. On the other hand, you can understand Yara — she’s pregnant, so the whiskey smell has to be hell on her senses, and she’s nervous to share the news.

She can barely even say it

Yara stars by mouthing “I’m pregnant,” but Jovi can’t hear it. Finally, she tells him — she’s pregnant.

26. “What?”

Jovi meets Yara’s news with confusion and then absolute disbelief. All the while, she’s getting freeform henna on her hand, and we cannot help but wonder what was going through this woman’s mind the whole time.

Jovi’s disbelief persisted

Yara admitted that she went from nervous to upset that Jovi was now just refusing to believe her pregnancy news.

Jovi tried to explain

He listed instances where Yara had pranked him about other things with a very convincing straight face. Yara said that he was exaggerating, that she lets 10 minutes or so go by and then admits the prank.

Time for more pregnancy tests

Yes, Yara spent this whole entire episode proving to Jovi that she’s pregnant. Part of that meant taking multiple pregnancy tests.

Finally, the digital test sold him

Jovi’s reaction to learning that he and Yara are expecting a rainbow baby was, well, something that had to be bleeped.

Then they settled into talking

They both agreed that Yara will be a good mom, and then teased each other about which languages their child will speak.

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie has been there for an entire month but has no ring and no wedding plans.

Mike has a lot of doubts

He tries to talk them over with his mother, but she cannot answer any of this for him — this is up to him and Natalie.

Natalie’s mom, on the other hand …

Not for the first time, Natalie says that her mother is always Team Mike. In other words, she complains about Mike to her mom and her mom sees his side of things.

Speaking of complaining

Natalie very reasonably tries to overcome the communication gap with Mike by asking him for more concrete wedding plans. Unfortunately, she also chooses to neg him about the budget for the wedding, teasing that he can’t afford real drinks for the guests.

They go on a hike

Natalie gets all made up for the hike, Mike makes a mild comment about it, and Natalie is put in a bad mood … they have such serious communication issues. Mike wasn’t trying to be mean, but he should know his future wife better than he does.