Bam Margera's Bentley Stolen, Crashed Into House During Police Pursuit -

Bam Margera’s Bentley Stolen, Crashed Into House During Police Pursuit

 Bam Margera's Bentley Stolen, Crashed Into House During Police Pursuit

4:22 PM PT — The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department tells TMZ … deputies responded to a call at a gas station around 1:30 AM Wednesday and saw several men climbing into a black Bentley. We’re told the Bentley quickly drove off, followed by the deputy, who tried to make a stop, but 2 of the men inside fled on foot and the rest sped off into a residential neighborhood.

The SDCSD says the Bentley evaded deputies, but only temporarily, and when deputies found the car crashed into a house it was unoccupied.

We’re told a Sheriff’s helicopter helped find one of the men cops say took the Bentley, and he was arrested for a parole violation and is still in jail.

The good news … law enforcement says no one inside the home was injured by the car crash.

Bam Margera‘s Bentley had one helluva ride … a thief stole the car and crashed into someone’s front porch during a wild police pursuit … and it’s on video.

The “Jackass” star says his expensive whip was stolen Tuesday night in Vista, CA, where he had stopped to charge his phone and get gas on his way to his shaman’s house.

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Bam says he looked out a store window to discover his car was missing, and then suddenly a bunch of cop cars swarmed and police helicopters appeared overhead and the chase was on.

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BM says the high-speed chase ended when the thief crashed his whip into a house … and video shows the Bentley stopped on someone’s front lawn, right up against a house, with tons of police on the scene.

The only good news here … sources close to Bam tell us the car was NOT totaled, but it’s been towed to a dealer and needs some repairs.

Oh, and the icing on the cake — Bam says his phone ended up in someone else’s hands too!!!

We think he summed it up best while talking to his buddy, Danny Way … “I can’t write this s*** dude!!!”

Originally Published — 3:44 PM PT