Nikkole Paulun: Pregnant! Again! By Third Baby Daddy! -

Nikkole Paulun: Pregnant! Again! By Third Baby Daddy!

 Nikkole Paulun: Pregnant! Again! By Third Baby Daddy!

Nikkole Paulun has some exciting and miraculous news to share.

But she knows it’s not gonna please everyone out there.

Even if it does involve bringing a new and precious life into the world.

The former 16 and Pregnant star — who appeared alongside the original Teen Mom 2 girls when we were introduced to them on MTV way back in 2010 — announced on Sunday that she’s expecting her third child.

“Our rainbow is coming July 2021,” wrote the ex-reality star as a caption to the snapshot above.

Why rainbow?

Because Paulun sadly suffered a miscarriage last summer.

“We were so excited to announce that we were having a baby but unfortunately we found out it no longer has a heartbeat,” Nikkole said in July 2020, sharing a sonogram picture at the time.

“Please keep us in your prayers,” she added.

“If you’ve had a missed miscarriage + a D&C I’d love to talk to some people who’ve gone on to have a successful pregnancy.

“I’m so heartbroken and so scared for the future.”

Paulun is already the mother of 11-year-old Lyle, who was born on her featured 16 and Pregnant episode; along with five-year-old daughter Ellie.

They both have different fathers, too.

Lyle’s father, Josh Drummonds, has been in and out of jail since Lyle’s birth… while Ellie’s dad is a former fiance of Nikkole’s.

In 2017, Paulun told followers that she was scared for her life, detailed why she feared that Drummonds was going to kill her.

On her Instagram Stories page, meanwhile, Nikkole just addressed some of critics who sent her negative messages after her pregnancy announcement.

“Of course people have to come after me about having 3 baby daddies,” she wrote.

“Was I supposed to stay with the guy who knocked me up at 15 and ended up being abusive and a drug addict just so I could only have one [baby daddy]?

“Or should I have stayed with the guy I dated at 20, was abusive, and treated me and my first child like crap so I could stop at 2 [baby daddies].”

Nikkole also admitted that she was not good at choosing men back in the day.

“I was very broken starting at a young age and allowed men to treat me like trash,” she explained.

“I feel extremely blessed to have recognized my worth and stop settling for less than what me and my babies deserve.

“My life may not be a fairy tale to you but it feels like one to me. Even if that means having 3 baby daddies.”

It’s also worth remember: Paulun is married.

She’s not out there sleeping around.

Concluded Paulun in her message to the haters:

“And let’s not forget the third one is my HUSBAND, the man who’s stepped up to raise my children, and someone who works hard every day and who has never so much as raised his voice at me or called me a name.”

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