Geoffrey Paschel Dredges Up Random Dead 90 Day Fiance Feud: Tim Malcolm Got Dean Hashim Fired! -

Geoffrey Paschel Dredges Up Random Dead 90 Day Fiance Feud: Tim Malcolm Got Dean Hashim Fired!

 Geoffrey Paschel Dredges Up Random Dead 90 Day Fiance Feud: Tim Malcolm Got Dean Hashim Fired!

90 Day Fiance has, as a franchise, shown viewers many breakups. Some even happened on camera.

Most are of romantic partners. But brothers Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim had their own falling out.

Now, disgraced former 90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey Paschel is dredging up old wounds … sort of.

He’s trying to rehash an old fan theory, accusing Tim Malcolm of getting Dean fired from Pillow Talk.

Geoffrey Paschel, eager to make headlines to raise funds for his multiple legal battles including standing trial for his latest brutal domestic violence arrest, spoke to Domenick Nati.

On The Domenick Nati Show, the notorious scumbag joked that the host himself was responsible for Dean Hashim being fired from Pillow Talk.

“Didn’t you get somebody fired from ‘Pillow Talk,’” Geoffrey said towards the end of their chat.

“You did,” Geoffrey accused. “You got him fired, that is the truth. You got him fired.”

Spinning his own theory, he continued: “Tim got all up in his little ballsack and got all upset and then went and complained to TLC and [Dean] got fired, it’s true.”

“I know you got all up in his little ego and he reached out to TLC and he was like, ‘Hey, umm supposedly Dean said this,’ and then they fired him – absolutely,” Geoffrey accused without evidence..

What Prince Joffrey here is referring to is an interview with Domenick back in September of 2019.

At the time, Dean — whose job was to provide commentary on fellow stars — made some jokes about Tim Malcolm.

Fans may remember Tim, if less from his time on the show and more for the bigoted rumors that circulated about him.

Unfortunately, it seems that some people within our society are so inundated with images of filthy men that they see a guy take care of his skin or nails and “accuse” him of being gay.

This is precisely what happened to Tim Malcolm during his season.

Fans also remarked about his reluctance to initiate sex with his beautiful lady love while on camera.

Dean took things too far when making his own jokes, veering away from the homophobic jokes … and straight into some transphobic comments.

He suggested that the way that Tim crossed his legs indicated that Tim might not have any testicles, and that perhaps he was a trans man.

To his credit, Dean clearly did not mean this maliciously, but accusing a cis person of being trans is transphobic. Outing a real trans person would be worse — because it can put them in danger.

Dean also expressed an almost charmingly naive impression of how bottom surgery — that is, genital surgery upon a trans person — works for trans men.

He seemed to be under the impression that trans men simply grow penises after spending enough time on testosterone.

While trans men who experience certain types of bodily dysmorphia might wish that this were the case, it is not. But Dean didn’t know that at the time.

Point is, Dean made these comments about Tim, who fired back on social media as he had at other weird statements.

However, Dean and Tim made peace, and Dean — a longtime fan favorite of the franchise — declared that anyone who had a problem with Tim had a problem with him.

It’s amazing to see feuds resolved in such a way. Reality stars can feud for years, but these two made peace very quickly.

Dean also very specifically quashed the rumor that Tim had gotten him fired.

That, Dean implied at the time, had been the doing of someone else — Tarik.

We have since heard much more about the brothers’ falling out, though we all hope that Dean and Tarik can once again get along.

Some fans have responded to Geoffrey’s misunderstanding of events, accusing him of deliberately lying as he has throughout his lengthy criminal career.

But why, others wonder, would he dredge up a short-lived feud from well over a year ago that never involved him in the slightest?

The answer, fans speculate, is simple: Geoffrey wants his name in headlines, and he’s name-dropping men who don’t beat up women and children in order to do it.

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