State Dept. Website Claims Trump Presidency Ends Monday Night -

State Dept. Website Claims Trump Presidency Ends Monday Night

 State Dept. Website Claims Trump Presidency Ends Monday Night

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The State Department appears to be cutting short President Trump‘s time in office — its official site briefly said he’s out as POTUS starting Monday night.

On Trump’s official page, the U.S. DOS had the following listed under his bio in bold, “Donald J. Trump’s term ended on 2021-01-11 19:40:41.” Some folks have said the time stamp changed by at least 15 minutes — but it’s less about the time and more about that date.

The message which appeared to be breaking some huge news … vanished early in the afternoon Monday. It’s unclear how long it was there before someone, presumable at the State Dept., removed it.

The bizarre message extended to Mike Pence as well … his State Dept. page also said his term ended on Monday night, and also has since been removed — but there’s been no official word from the White House either confirming or denying this is true.

There are reports this was all a prank pulled off by a disgruntled State Dept. staffer. Still, it’s drawing a lot of attention, especially because there’s reportedly a lot of helicopter activity over Pence’s residence.

Usually helicopters over Vice President’s residence fly away — but there has been constant helicopter noise in skies for a while. May mean something or may not.

— Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) January 11, 2021 @BeschlossDC

If it’s just a federal employee gone rogue … it speaks to the temperature in D.C. right now. Think about it, for someone to risk their job (and perhaps worse) to make this statement … might indicate they felt they could get away with it because Trump’s lost so many allies in the nation’s capital.

Of course, assuming it isn’t real … Trump still has possible impeachment to worry about — Speaker Pelosi is said to be introducing articles this week.

We’ve reached to the White House and State Dept. about the curious bio pages … so far, no word back.