Capitol Rioter Who Died Urged Trumpers, 'Load Your Guns' -

Capitol Rioter Who Died Urged Trumpers, ‘Load Your Guns’

 Capitol Rioter Who Died Urged Trumpers, 'Load Your Guns'

One of the rioters who died during the Capitol insurrection was clearly ready for violence, because just weeks before his death he posted a photo of himself with 2 AR-15’s with the caption … “I wish these motherf****** would come to my hood!”

Kevin Greeson, from Alabama, died during the Capitol takeover. So far authorities are only saying his death was caused by a “medical emergency,” but they did not provide details.

The 55-year-old was a big fan of Parler, a right-wing site that has just been yanked off the Google Play Store after receiving information the site was used to plan the attack. Apple is also threatening to pull the site from the App Store.

Kevin’s family says he did not travel to Washington to engage in violence or rioting. His family says Kevin had high blood pressure and believes he suffered a heart attack.

The reality … Greeson seemed far from non-violent, posting, “Let’s take this f***ing Country BACK! Load your guns and take to the streets.” And then there’s this … “Maybe Nancy Pelosi will get it and die!”