The Bachelor Spoilers: Final Rose Winner Revealed! [UPDATED] -

The Bachelor Spoilers: Final Rose Winner Revealed! [UPDATED]

 The Bachelor Spoilers: Final Rose Winner Revealed! [UPDATED]

Matt James has made history. But to whom will he make love on The Bachelor – and to whom will be bequeath that coveted final rose?

This is the question viewers around the nation have, as they head into a brand new year, and season of this beloved TV franchise.

Well, we now have answers.

Based on a number of sources and reports, we’ve got The Bachelor spoilers for you, exactly one day into the 2021 campaign.

There are still gaps to fill in, but three of the four finalists, along with the winner herself, have been named by Reality Steve.

Gotta love it. Bachelor spoilers make things a little more fun, after all, especially as the episodes fly by and pieces fall into place.

But will you love the results?

Scroll down to find out now.

[Spoiler alert, obviously.]

James is Ready for Another First

On the Season 25 premiere, Matt James – not only the first Black lead, but the first franchise newcomer to hand out the roses in years – admits to Chris Harrison that he’s never been in love. Not ever. Not once in his life. “It’s my job to change that,” the host tells The Bachelor.

He’ll Have Quite a Few Choices, Too

ABC released the names and photos of 43 women ahead of the season premiere. They range in ages from 21 through 32, but not all of these suitors will end up appearing on the show.

Wait, Where is the Season Being Filmed?

James’ journey kicked off January 4 at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania. The set was reportedly isolated and all COVID-19 protocols were being followed.

Make Way for Tayshia!

If you recognize the surroundings, your eyes are not deceiving you. The latest Bachelorette actually filmed her After the Final Rose ceremony at this same place – and the newly-engaged Tayshia is expected to pop up at some point on Matt’s season.

Will Other Familiar Faces Show Up?

Yup! In addition to Tayshia, look for Matt’s great pal, Tyler Cameron, to make an appearance. And also Hannah Brown, who is friends with Matt and, uh, “friends” with Tyler as well. And also Wells Adams. Seriously.

Matt Being Matt

For a long time, there was no reliable intel, and we were forced to rely on comments like this one from Tyler: “Matt is being Matt and we’re going to get the Matt we all love. He’s extremely happy. He loves the girls. He spoke so highly of them. There are so many great girls, he says he’s really pushing himself to be vulnerable to put himself out there, and I think you’re going to get a great season and a great Matt.” Never a doubt!

Was There a Need to Shut Down at Any Point?

No. Just like The Bachelorette (and the NBA), Covid protocols were followed and no surprises cases created any hiccups. “It’s the blueprint and the formula we used to shoot Clare’s season, and is working out perfectly,” Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. “I can tell you it’s working, it’s successful and — knock on wood — it’ll continue to be successful.”

Let’s Talk First Impression Rose, Shall We?

Thanks to spoiler guru Reality Steve, we knew the idenity of the woman who earns the first impression rose ahead of time.

Say Hello to Abigail Heringer!

Abigail got Matt’s first rose. Originally from Salem, Oreon, Abigail was reportedly born partially deaf and given cochlear implants as a child.

How Far Does Abigail Advance?

Sadly, for those hoping that the first deaf contestant would run away with Matt’s heart all the way to the finale, it looks like she’s eliminated in the final six this year. (Which is still a heck of a run.)

The Final Four Lucky Ladies

It took a little longer than some fans hoped, but Reality Steve has delivered the goods, and we know the names of Matt’s final four.

Michelle Young

You didn’t meet Michelle during the premiere – another franchise first in a year full of them. She’s one of five women who were introduced to the house after the second rose ceremony. And it seems she wasted no time in catching Matt’s eye.

Serena Pitt

Next up is Serena Pitt. Apparently, the 23-year-old publicist and self-described foodie from Toronto formed quite a connection with Matt. She may not have gotten as much time with Matt as she would have liked during the insanity of the first party, but she more than makes up for it down the road.

Bri Springs

Bri is something of a wild card. Steve says this is the one he’s least certain of. But right now, it seems that the smart money is on Bri making it to the final four.

Rachael Kirkconnell

The lovely Rachael Kirkconnell rounds out the final foursome this season. Like Matt, the Cumming, Ga., resident is a southerner with a taste for the old-fashioned. Kirkconnell says she’s never been in love, but obviously that will change this season. So who will receive Matt’s final rose??

There Can Be Only One

Steve’s spies tell him that Rachael and Michelle are the final two, and Rachael Kirkconnell emerges victorious. Of course, major questions still remain, such as …

Hometown Intel

The Bachelor spoilers guru says that intel is backed by reports from the residents of Cumming, Ga., who say there’s no doubt that Rachael is Matt’s woman. “All I keep being told out of Cumming is that Rachael won, and all her friends and family know and they’re telling everyone,” Steve writes.

Could This Be Wrong?

Of course. Steve cautions readers that the outcome is still not guaranteed, and there’s “a lot more that goes down this season.” And there’s also the chance of a late-season (even post-season) shift, as we’ve seen with Arie and Jason, to name a few. But Steve also doesn’t publish things that he’s not confident in, and overall has an incredible track record. So the smart money is definitely on Rachael.

Will There Be a Proposal?

As for whether or not Matt winds up getting engaged at the end of this season, that remains uncertain. But it does sound that way. “Matt seems genuinely happy and I think we’re going to get the ending we all want and have been missing for a while,” Tyler added. Here’s hoping!