SoHo Karen Laying Low in SoCal But Getting Around Town -

SoHo Karen Laying Low in SoCal But Getting Around Town

 SoHo Karen Laying Low in SoCal But Getting Around Town


Miya Ponsetto is doing a really bad job at laying low in her hometown, because she’s been out and about … and not without controversy.

The 22-year-old — who falsely accused Keyon Harrold‘s teenage son of stealing her phone — has surfaced in her SoCal neighborhood, where on Sunday … her mother called the cops on a few paps who were looking to snap some shots and get interviews with the latest ‘Karen.’

Check out these photos … it’s Nicole Ponsetto pulling over on the side of the road and speaking with officers, whom we’re told then came over and talked to the paps to figure out what was going on. The cops apparently determined things were on the up and up, so they left.

That’s where things get interesting … one of the paps who spoke to cops said an officer told him Nicole had said they were wasting their time because Miya had left town. Nicole drove off … alone. Thing is … around a half-hour later, Miya and her mom pulled up into their driveway. You can see Nicole facing off with paps, who filmed from a distance.

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As we reported, the NYPD and the paparazzi, are looking to talk to Miya about her SoHo altercation.

Since leaving NYC, Miya’s been spotted in and around Ventura County …  she even had a quick walk-and-a-talk with a photographer a couple days ago on her way outta Mickey D’s.

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The camera man asks her point blank … does she regret what she did to 14-year-old Keyon Jr. — namely, alleging he’d stolen her phone only to have returned to her from someone else later. Watch … her answer (or non-answer) is telling — doesn’t sound like she’s remorseful.

In fact, Miya even goes so far as to say that she doesn’t “know what the problem is here” and adds that she’s 22 herself, almost as if that justifies anything. She also points out that she’s of Puerto Rican descent without being asked … again, almost like a cop-out.

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She finally ends the interview and slams her car door — the photog asked all the right questions (including whether she’s aware that the NYPD would like a word) but Miya doesn’t offer much on that front. She drives off in the same Range Rover as the one Sunday.

In any case … Miya and her mom are far from out of the woods when it comes to legal woes. As we told you, she and her mother were arrested last year for an incident at the Peninsula in Bev Hills … one in which her mom allegedly attacked a cop. Both were charged for drunk in public, while Miya’s mother was also charged with battery on an officer.

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They’ve both pleaded not guilty, and are scheduled to appear in court later this month.