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20 Things Under $20 We’re Digging This January

 20 Things Under $20 We're Digging This January

With Coronavirus vaccine distribution having already begun, you might be considering some new year’s resolutions that go a step or two beyond “just keep it together.” Soon, you’ll be able to at least consider making some plans you’ve been putting off for the better part of a year, like international travel and [checks notes]…being in the same room as your friends. Below, we’ve gathered a selection of gear that’ll help you embrace the uncertainty ahead and start putting a dent in your resolutions, whether you’re the type who makes a mental note to “run once a week for pleasure” or the type to take a blood oath to “run a sub 3-hour marathon.” This month’s under-$20 picks include an alarm clock you absolutely cannot ignore, an upgraded legal pad for better journaling, and some skin-saving sunscreen (because this is the year you will actually use it). 

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