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Duggar Swimsuits: A Deep Dive Into the Fundie Fam’s Most Ridiculous Poolside Attire!

 Duggar Swimsuits: A Deep Dive Into the Fundie Fam's Most Ridiculous Poolside Attire!

If you know anything about the Duggar family, you know that they have all sorts of ridiculous rules for pretty much every aspect of life.

And of course, the two sets of guidelines that are most commonly discussed online have to do with premarital sex and “modest” attire.

The Duggar courtship rules and the Duggar dress code are inherently linked, as they both serve the purpose of discouraging any sort of “impure” thoughts that might cause young couples to jump the gun and sample each other’s wares before exchanging vows.

When Jim Bob’s daughters get married, it’s their husbands who get to decide what they wear in public, but until that point, the dress code is unforgivingly rigid.

Duggar girls and women are expected to dress “modestly” at all times, even while engaged in sports and other outdoor activities.

This creates major problems in the warmer months, expecially when swimming is on the agenda.

Fortunately, the Duggars have come up with all sorts of hilarious solutions for this very specific conundrum.

Take a look:

Showing Some Skin

The Duggars have very strict rules regarding the type “modest” attire that Jim Bob’s daughters are permitted to wear. These rules apply even when grown Duggar women go swimming. Here, Jill Duggar models some modest, Duggar-approved swimwear.

Jill Duggar in Swimsuit

Of course, Jill is somewhat on the outs with her family these days, and that gives her a lot of freedom with regard to what she wears.

Jill Duggar: Check This Out!

In fact, Jill is not only rocking racier swimwear, she’s selling it through her Instagram page!

Jill Duggar Swimsuit Photo

You can bet Jim Bob is not a fan of his eldest daughter’s new look!

Jill Duggar Rocks Swimwear

In order to fully appreciate how far Jill has come, we have to take it all the way back to the beginning, to the time when America first became aware of the ridiculous Duggar swimwear rules.

The Duggar Dictionary

The first time the family went to the beach on 19 Kids and Counting, producers even offered a helpful primer on the Duggars’ bizarre guidelines.

Josh and Anna at the Beach

Even Duggar men are required to wear a ridiculous amount of clothing at the beach. Of course, there’s an irony in Josh following the dress code rules, as they certainly didn’t keep his thoughts pure.

Swimming With the Duggars

The attire that’s worn by Duggar girls and women while swimming is not all that different from what they wear the rest of the time. As you can see, very long skirts are still the preferred look.

A Diving Duggar

It seems to us that wearing that much clothing while swimming would present a drowning hazard. But we’re sure that like so many other inconveniences, the ladies of the Duggar clan are used to it by now.

Joy-Anna Throwback

Joy-Anna Duggar has long been regarded as one of the most conservative and tradition-minded Duggars. As you can see from this pic, she’s been a fan of following the rules since childhood.

Duggar Pool Rules

We’ll say this one thing in favor of the Duggars’ swimwear rules: at least they’re somewhat fair. Men are required to wear almost as much fabric as women.

Jana and Laura: Paddling Modestly

Jana Duggar and her best friend Laura DeMasie even rocked long skirts while paddle-boarding. We guess this is how you prevent rumors from starting!

Jessa and Ben Get Wet

Here, we see Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald modeling the appropriate swimwear for men and women. For some reason, this family really hates seeing shoulders!

Jill and Derick on Vacation

Of course, the Duggars have been known to let their guard down a bit when they travel, and Jim Bob’s not there to enforce the rules. Here, Jill and Derick show more skin than usual on vacation.

Derick Lets Loose!

On this particular trip, Derick even sported some bare shoulders. That’s usually a big no-no in the Duggars’ world!

Derick Dillard, Breaker of Rules

Yes, Derick doesn’t abide by all of the Duggar swimwear rules. Of course, he’s been rebelling against Jim Bob for quite some time now. Just one of the many reasons he’s the least-favorite Duggar in-law!

Rebellious Amy

Of course, there’s one Duggar who’s even more rebellious than Derick. We’re talking,. of course, about cousin Amy, who’s never shown any interest in the Duggar swimwear rules.

Amy Duggar Swimsuit Photo

Amy Duggar is ever so slightly badass with her swimsuit and cleavage in this honeymoon photo. Wowza.

Amy Duggar Bikini with Dillon King

Amy Duggar shows off a bikini (a strapless turquoise bandeau) top with skimpy bottoms in a photo with husband Dillon King. This is a huge deviation for the Duggars.

Amy Duggar Bikini Picture

Dillon King gets a kiss from Amy Duggar, who rocks a bikini on the couple’s honeymoon. For a Duggar family member, this is unbelievably racy.

Amy Duggar in a Bikini

On their honeymoon, Dillon King filmed a brief video of wife Amy Duggar in a bikini. Her fans were upset (seriously, some told her to cover up), but she is clearly having a blast.

Amy Duggar Bikini Pic!

Dillon King filmed a brief video of his hot wife Amy Duggar in a bikini. Your first, and last Duggar family member bikini video.


Will any other Duggar women ever follow in Amy’s footsteps and rock a midriff-baring two-piece?


Tough to say, but for now, most of them seem content to follow the Duggar beach rules.

Satisfied Jim Bob

And you can be sure that’s just how the family’s famously-strict patriarch likes it.