Deavan Clegg TRASHES Cruel Pregnancy Rumors: Don't Be Rude!!! -

Deavan Clegg TRASHES Cruel Pregnancy Rumors: Don’t Be Rude!!!

 Deavan Clegg TRASHES Cruel Pregnancy Rumors: Don't Be Rude!!!

It has been only one week since your average 90 Day Fiance viewer learned about Deavan Clegg’s tragic miscarriage.

The trolls who refuse to give her peace are already using this heartbreak to hurt her by spreading pregnancy rumors about her.

Being a busy mother of two isn’t easy, especially when you have to fend off haters, stalkers, and death threats from “fans.”

Over the weekend, Deavan got some “me time” … but she wasn’t alone.

She had a romantic weekend with her hottie boyfriend, Topher Park.

“My birthday is tomorrow,” Deavan wrote on Instagram alongside this photo of herself.

“But this weekend has been a complete dream,” she gushed.

After writing a red heart emoji, Deavan then expressed “thank you” to Topher.

The romantic getaway was blessed by snow (meanwhile, some of us are spending half of this month suffering through 70 degree weather).

Deavan told a fan in the comments that they were in Park City, Utah.

Topher also gave Deavan a shoutout for her birthday … cropping out most of her face in what appears to be an inside joke that Deavan, at least, appreciated with laughing emojis.

Obviously, no one was complaining about the plunging neckline that Topher was offering up.

But centering himself in the photo at Deavan’s expense is outrageously funny.

We long to know the context behind the pic and the crop of it but, alas, we do not.

What we do know is what went on in the comments.

Multiple people (this is a tiny sampling) decided to ask the most impertinent question in the world.

Despite no hints of a baby bump whatsoever, they demanded to know if she is pregnant.

As we said, there are no hints of a baby bump and no, like, “weird I get sick in the mornings, is it the ‘rona?” Instagram Stories or whatever.

There is no reason, unless someone is starting malicious rumors just to spite her, to accuse her of being pregnant.

And Deavan is asking people to cut it TF out.

“Friendly reminder that I’m not pregnant,” Deavan wrote in her Instagram Story.

She then instructed her followers: “Stop asking.”

Deavan reminded her fans: “It’s extremely rude.”

Real talk: the only reason for people to be spreading this piece of gossip is pure malice.

A little ways into this season, a bunch of viewers decided that Deavan was a reality TV villain after she got a bad edit.

From then on, everything that she did was a personal outrage to some fans as if it were ruining their lives.

Asking if someone is pregnant is always rude. In this case, there is a layer of cruelty, as well.

Not only are these commenters acting as if Deavan routinely gets pregnant — which is wrong in and of itself.

… They are also picking at a wound, which they know perfectly well.

We reported on Deavan’s tragic miscarriage last year, when she shared the news with her fans.

That heartbreak is only one year old, and was shared with 90 Day Fiance viewers only a week ago.

There is no good reason to try to bring up that kind of sadness, that kind of loss, on purpose.

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