Khloe Kardashian: COVID-19 Can't Stop Kardashian Christmas! Social Distancing is for Poor People! -

Khloe Kardashian: COVID-19 Can’t Stop Kardashian Christmas! Social Distancing is for Poor People!

 Khloe Kardashian: COVID-19 Can't Stop Kardashian Christmas! Social Distancing is for Poor People!

While so many of us have radically altered our lives this year, the Kardashians have kept partying through COVID-19.

Now, Khloe — of all people — is saying that the Kardashian Christmas party will still happen, and fans are calling her out.

‘OMG i just realized….. is the Kardash/Jenner Christmas party getting cancelled this year ????” a worried fan tweeted.

Tweet about the Kardashians, and they may just find you … especially if you tag one of them, as this fan did.

“I pray not!” Khloe Kardashian replied this week.

Khloe did acknowledge: “I think it will have to be way smaller obviously. And I’m totally fine with that!”

“But we’re definitely celebrating Christmas!” she affirmed. “It will just have to be small and safe.”

“Maybe do rapid testing before,” Khloe suggested, clearly thinking out loud. “We have to think of what is safest.”

“You know your fans don’t get to have Christmas with their families right?” challenged one fan.

The tweet continued: “That most people are missing all the milestones this year cause of a pandemic?”

“The selfishness of your fam is really shocking,” the fan accused. “Y’all keep throwing parties when the rest of the world is locking s–t down.”

“Haha I love you, but you’re so out of touch,” writes another fan.

“Thinking of what is safest is maybe sticking to JUST family or maybe not have it at all?” suggests the tweeter.

That tweet concludes: “(Or do have it and don’t post about it and then be upset at all the bad reactions you get, but we know that’s not an option.)”

“I love you and you’re a badass,” begins another tweet, “but the safest way to do it is to just not do it.”

“That’s no ‘safe’ parties right now,” the fan correctly explains.

“And as someone who has had it,” the tweet notes, “I thought you would be aware of that now and not be selfish and throw a party.”

Rapid testing is both a luxury of the super-wealthy and … not entirely accurate.

For reference, the rapid antigen test — a favorite for rapid testing — is known for false positive and false negatives.

Meanwhile, even the “gold standard” test can produces as many as 30% false negatives.

Naturally, that didn’t stop the clowns and pickmes of Twitter from insisting that the Kardashian Khristmas must go on.

“Im having Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family just like every year,” one tweeted. “Life’s too short to live in fear! I stand behind you guys!!!”

The life’s too short to protect my health attitude can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy during a deadly pandemic that is worse now than it has ever been.

“Their life, their business. I’m having Christmas with my family,” tweets another clown.

“The world locking down everything is dumb,” the tweeter whines. “We can social distance, wear masks, wash hands, use sanitizers etc and still have lives.”

We could, except that people refuse to do these things, which is why we’re in the situation we’re in now.

“I’m definitely having Christmas with my family,” insisted a stubborn clown. “To each their own smh.”

Well, to each their own is a fine approach to things like pizza toppings or what, if anything, one wears to bed.

But how we respond to the pandemic is not an individual choice, because we do not exist in bubbles and our actions impact others. That’s the whole point.

Obviously, this comes on the heels of Kim being ridiculed for having a big Masque of the Red Death party on an island.

Some celebrities learned very early in this pandemic that their version of lockdown — minor inconveniences without any financial woes — is very different from what most people experience.

They learned to stop broadcasting their version of problems. The Kardashians, it seems, are still a little too tone deaf to keep quiet.

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