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Spencer Robertson: Meet the New Bachelorette Villain!

 Spencer Robertson: Meet the New Bachelorette Villain!

The Bachelorette introduced a new lead star on Tuesday night.

But that wasn’t all.

The ABC reality show also introduced viewers to a brand new villain.

On the very first episode to feature Tayshia Adams, the 16 men who were left over from Clare Crawley’s run as The Bachelorette were surprised to be greeted by a new fleet of suitors.

And they were especially surprised by the outspoken nature of Spencer Robertson.

“He is hot,” Tayshia said shortly after seeing Spencer walk out of his limo. “Like hot, hot, hot.”

Spencer then made his way toward the other contestants, and immediately yanked their respective chains.

“So which one of you guys scared away Clare?” he asked.

Fast forward to that night’s cocktail party… and Robertson nabbing one-on-one time with Adams before anyone else has a chance to do so.

“The second you got out of the limo, my heart did kind of skip a beat,” Tayshia admitted to him. “You’re a person I want to keep around and I’m really interested to get to know.”

Spencer then got the first impression rose… and a kiss…

… and, later on, he got a bloody mouth during a physical game of pool basketball between the suitors.

“We call you ‘Lunch Meat’ because you like to talk a lot of s—,” Riley told Spencer after this group date.

Unfazed, though, Spencer told the camera that he’s “got this in the bag,” clearly going out of his way to make an impression on viewers.

It sure worked, didn’t it?

So… what do we know about Spencer Robertson?

Spencer is 30 years old and works at a water treatment engineer. He’s actually the president at Robertson Water Treatment in San Diego, according to LinkedIn.

He Played Lacrosse at the University of Oregon from 2009 through 2012.

He stands six feet and two inches tall.

For whatever reason, JoJo Fletcher’s season 12 winner and fiance, Jordan Rodgers, and close pal, Becca Tilley, both follow Spencer on social media.

He follows them back, yet it’s unclear how they know each other.

Tayshia seems pretty smitten with Spencer, although The Bachelorette spoilers cast doubt on whether he wins.\

“When I was in quarantine, I didn’t think that this phone call was ever going to come…

“I did look at the guys once they were first announced for Clare, but that was, like, months and months ago,” Tayshia told Us Weekly ahead of Tuesday’s installment.

“I didn’t really have the chance to look at them before. And I’m glad I didn’t, to be honest.”

How did she feel about meeting the men, though?

“I couldn’t have asked for, like, a better group of men,” she also said.

“I’ve always said that I want an older, more mature man that has depth and all of these guys have exactly that.

“It was, like, perfect.”

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