Travis Scott McDonald's Rare Action Figure Up for Resale at $55k -

Travis Scott McDonald’s Rare Action Figure Up for Resale at $55k

 Travis Scott McDonald's Rare Action Figure Up for Resale at $55k

There’s a limited edition Travis Scott McDonald’s action figure on the resale market … and it’s gonna cost you a lot more than his $6 signature meal.

Here’s the deal … someone who scored the super-rare figurine from Travis’ collab with Mickey D’s is looking to sell the action figure on reseller marketplace StockX for a cool $55,000 … and that’s not a typo.

The action figure depicts the rapper holding a McDonald’s tray with his Travis Scott Meal — a $6 deal that comes with a Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon, medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite.

🌵 rare, handcrafted & numbered @trvisXX action figures 🌵

quote tweet this post with “Cactus Jack sent me to @McDonalds #CactusJackSweepstakes” for a chance to win 1 of 5. and ICYMI, the Travis Scott Meal is only $6 in our App

— McDonald’s (@McDonalds) September 25, 2020 @McDonalds

The rare figurine was given out to a handful of lucky folks via sweepstakes … and McDonald’s says the figurines are handcrafted and numbered.

Fans have already shown an appetite for all things Travis and McDonald’s … his meal has been super popular at McD’s locations across the nation, with some stores running low on ingredients after its launch, and Travis also released an extremely popular merch line with everything from chicken nugget-shaped pillows to t-shirts.

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The craze started with a bang too … with Travis getting mobbed by a huge crowd when he showed up to celebrate the launch at a McDonald’s in Downey, CA.

Travis and Mickey D’s got fined $200 each for the mass gathering, which, like his $6 meal, pales in comparison to the action figure’s $55,000 asking price.