Anna Duggar Loses It on Instagram: The MEDIA Is Lying! Trump Won the Election! -

Anna Duggar Loses It on Instagram: The MEDIA Is Lying! Trump Won the Election!

 Anna Duggar Loses It on Instagram: The MEDIA Is Lying! Trump Won the Election!

It’s possible that no public figures in modern history have emphasized their commitment to the ideals of ultra-conservative evangelicalism as much as the Duggars.

Which is one of the reasons it’s so strange that they’re almost equally committed to supporting the political career of a man who has spent his entire adult life lying, cheating, womanizing, and enriching himself at the expense of others.

Yes, as you’re probably aware, the Duggars — for the most part — are Trump people.

Even the ones you might expect to take a more moderate stance — such as Jana Duggar — are fully on board the MAGA train.

In fact, fans became upset when Jana posted pro-Trump content to her Instagram page last month.

There might be one exception to the rule, as it was recently discovered that Jill Duggar follows Joe Biden on Instagram.

But other than that, the gang is all in.

As far as we can tell, even the Los Angelenos, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo, cast their ballots for the Donald.

Of course, they may have done so simply because they’re staunchly anti-choice and they believe the “D” next to some senators’ names stands for “devil.”

The point being, the majority of the family voted for Trump, but some of them may have done so simply because they felt they lacked for options.

And then there are the others, the diehards, the tinfoil-hat-wearing, QAnon weirdos who think the government is listening to your thoughts as you read this.

In other words, the Anna Duggars.

Anna Duggar took to Instagram this week to share her views on ways in which the media is allegedly manipulating the public post-election.

As you may have guessed, those views are rather insane.

“Hey guys, I just tried this and it was kind of interesting,” Anna said in a newly posted video that shows only a close-up of her iPhone.

(We assume she borrowed Josh’s to shoot the clip.)

From there, Anna asks Siri for the president’s age, and it responds with Kamala Harris’ age.

She captioned the clip, “@apple What’s up with this?!”

Now, as any sane person can see, there’s nothing up with this at all.

iPhones are insanely sophisticated machines, and as anyone who uses one with any regularity can tell you, they occasionally malfunction.

The glitch has since been corrected, which is something you can test out for yourself right now, if you happen to have an iPhone handy.

Anyway, Anna is clearly convinced that something sinister is afoot here.

Fortunately, her Instagram followers were quick to put her in her place.

“Stop spreading propaganda to the thousands of trump supporters that follow you, they’ll believe anything. Go back to promoting bootleg earpods,” one follower wrote.

“Love how y’all claim to love God but then praise the man who is against everything that He stands for,” another chimed in,

“Sad really, how brainwashed he’s got people.”

Obviously, Anna has gone off the deep end a bit with this one.

But we can’t blame her for being the suspicious type.

After all, the woman has been living with Josh Duggar for most of her adult life.

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