Deavan Clegg Reveals Heartbreaking Miscarriage on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way -

Deavan Clegg Reveals Heartbreaking Miscarriage on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

 Deavan Clegg Reveals Heartbreaking Miscarriage on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

In early October of 2019, Deavan Clegg revealed a heartbreaking miscarriage just days after her pregnancy news leaked.

Now, thirteen months later, Deavan is sharing her heartbreak on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

More than a year ago, some dastardly leaker revealed that Deavan Clegg was pregnant very shortly after she discovered it herself.

Deavan had asked fellow Americans living in South Korea what it was like giving birth there — important logistics like pricing, etc.

There’s a reason that people wait to announce a pregnancy, and it’s not just about telling friends and family first, folks. Some things are private.

Just days after that news leaked, Deavan took to Instagram to reveal that she and Jihoon had suffered a tragic loss.

The grief that she and Jihoon then endured was compounded by the pregnancy news being leaked to the public, forcing them into sharing this private sadness as well.

We wondered all season if Deavan and Jihoon would address this on the show. On Season 2, Episode 19, they did just that.

On Sunday night’s episode, we see Jihoon tending to Deavan and stepping up to help with Taeyang.

He brings her seaweed soup and tells her that it’s full of minerals and other good nutrients, encouraging her to eat.

Deavan then explains to the camera what has happened.

“A few weeks ago, we found out I was pregnant again,” Deavan revealed to the camera.

“At first,” she understandably confided, “I was really scared.”

“We just barely had [son] Taeyang,” Deavan acknowledged, “and we are definitely not financially stable for another one.”

“But then I got really excited,” Deavan continued, adding that “stuff happens for a reason.”

A few 90 Day Fiance fans have made comments about the “reason” here — shaming Deavan when we don’t know why birth control may have failed — but given the circumstances, that just seems cruel.

“A baby is always a blessing,” Deavan characterized, “and I was accepting it and ready to do it.”

Deavan explained that she and Jihoon went for an appointment to get an ultrasound.

This was when they discovered that her very new pregnancy was no longer viable — that she had miscarried.

A devasted Deavan was told by the doctor that she had “lost the baby,” something that clearly had a profound and painful emotional impact upon her and upon Jihoon.

Deavan is well known for looking for the positives — as she just described doing at the pregnancy news.

She notes that she and Jihoon have grown closer as they shared this loss and grief.

Jihoon has also been stepping up more and helping out more, which Deavan added helps her to appreciate how much love she has for him.

Deavan also showed appreciation to her mother-in-law, Jihoon’s mom, with whom she was also able to bond.

Jihoon’s mom told her, woman-to-woman, that she thinks that she is “courageous.”

An appreciative Deavan replied that she likes that they now seem to have a positive mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship, which is what she always wanted. 

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