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#BoFLIVE: Engaging the Gen-Z Shopper

 #BoFLIVE: Engaging the Gen-Z Shopper

NEW YORK, United States — Gen-Z make up 20 percent of the world’s population, and while many in this cohort still rely on their parents for money, their impact on trends is indisputable. In the latest #BoFLIVE Event, BoF’s Lauren Sherman is joined by Irregular Labs Founder Molly Logan and Tiffany Zhong, chief executive of Zebra IQ, to discuss the importance of successfully engaging with Gen-Z.

“If you don’t capture them today, you are not going to capture them in a few years,” said Zhong, adding that brands need to be strategic with local and targeted focus to capture the attention of Gen-Z shoppers. It’s important that brands “partner with the right creators — both big and small — to authentically express what [they] care about,” she said.

Relying on the same old playbook won’t work with this new generation, and both speakers emphasise that it is crucial for brands to invest time and money into understanding Gen-Z if they hope to establish a loyal relationship and engage with them effectively. “The fundamental way [Gen-Z] see the world is so different… on a level that is unlike any previous generation,” Logan said.

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