Fireworks in London, church bells in Paris as Biden win celebrated abroad -

Fireworks in London, church bells in Paris as Biden win celebrated abroad

 Fireworks in London, church bells in Paris as Biden win celebrated abroad

In countries across the globe, people reported fireworks, cheering and the sound of church bells ringing after President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden claims a ‘mandate’ to govern, calls for end to ‘partisan warfare’ Mark Meadows tests positive for coronavirus Trump supporters scream at Telemundo reporter during live broadcast from Maricopa ballot center MORE was named the winner of the 2020 presidential election. 

Locals in the United Kingdom, where many had leftover fireworks from Guy Fawkes Night this week, reported fireworks going off in London. There were videos of church bells ringing in Paris and fireworks in Edinburgh, Scotland, and reports of celebrations in Germany. 

Even here in the UK my neighbours are setting of fireworks and shouting in celebration of Biden’s win

— sad potato (@Eternal_Stress) November 7, 2020


Fireworks in London. This isn’t a US celebration, it’s a worldwide one. Let the healing begin.

— Lauren S. Hissrich (@LHissrich) November 7, 2020

Fireworks for #bidenharis2020 here in SW London. We’re celebrating with you, America. It’s a much longer for win for us, too.

— Nikki Baughan (@NikkiBaughan) November 7, 2020


BELLS ringing across PARIS!! 17h45 November 7, 2020Biden/Harris The world has been watching.

— Aliaèna (@aliaena) November 7, 2020

CAN CONFIRM. Canada is THRILLED Joe Biden is the new President Elect.

— Keith Lam (晃太郎) (@baritonekeith) November 7, 2020

celebratory fireworks going off over here in Berlin!

— Andy Lutz (@ALutz7) November 7, 2020

My friends in Germany (both from US and Germany) sent me this picture of them celebrating Biden/Harris’ win

— ria (@rebiaal) November 7, 2020

A friend in Munich tells me the church bells just started ringing across the city. This is a win not just for America, but for the world.

— Andrew Trask (@avtrask) November 7, 2020


Spontaneous celebrations are breaking out in the entire free world.

My son in Edinburgh, Scotland, reports red, white, and blue fireworks at the harbor.

(Sunset there happened an hour ago)

— Christopher C. Alberto (@ChrisAlbertoLaw) November 7, 2020

It seems like some Guy Fawkes night fireworks were saved for the Biden&Harris victory What a great day indeed

— Marc Robert de Massy (@MarcRdM) November 7, 2020


NBC, CNN, ABC and The Associated Press all called the race for Biden shortly before 11:30 a.m. EST Saturday.

Trump issued a statement minutes after numerous news outlets declared Biden the winner of the presidential race claiming that networks were helping the former vice president “falsely” pose as the winner and promising to fight the results in court.