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NY Giants’ Logan Ryan Says Team Trainers Saved Wife’s Life After Bucs Game

 NY Giants' Logan Ryan Says Team Trainers Saved Wife's Life After Bucs Game

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NY Giants star Logan Ryan says team trainers saved his wife’s life after the Bucs game on Monday night — identifying a major medical emergency before it was too late.

Ryan — a free safety who just signed with the Giants this season — says he was being checked out by the trainers after losing to Tampa Bay on Monday night … when his wife, Ashley, complained of stomach pain.

Ashley says she thought she was just having a stomach ache and was planning on popping some Tums and sleeping it off … but the Giants’ trainers felt the situation was more serious and urged her to head to the hospital.

Ashley listened (thankfully) … and after undergoing tests at the E.R., she learned she was pregnant — despite having a “fully functioning IUD.”

The bigger issue … Ashley says she was told the pregnancy was ectopic and had implanted in her Fallopian tube.

Ashley was told the pregnancy was not viable — and to make matters worse, the tube had ruptured, requiring emergency surgery.

“They ended up saving her and ended up preventing a lot of what could’ve been done,” Logan explained.

Ashley opened up about the situation on IG, saying the pain was “unbearable” — but it seems the surgery was successful and she’s currently recovering in Florida.

Logan is praising the NY Giants training staff — saying, “Our trainer, Justin Maher, telling my wife going to the ER at 1 AM ending up could’ve saved her life or saved a lot of internal bleeding there.”

Logan says Giants’ head coach, Joe Judge, couldn’t have been more understanding and helpful — and says he can’t thank him enough for his support throughout this ordeal.

“I’m extremely grateful for this organization, for Joe and for everyone to understand things bigger than football, especially this year.”