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Jay Shetty Wants You to Live More Intentionally

 Jay Shetty Wants You to Live More Intentionally

Jay Shetty’s life these days is not exactly what you’d call monastic. For one thing, he has a full head of hair. For another, he spends a good deal of his time online, posting little nuggets of advice on Instagram and interviewing celebrity guests for his podcast, On Purpose. But Shetty swears that the most important parts of his day, whether it’s two hours of morning meditation or a deep breath before he goes into a meeting, are the ones he’s retained from the three years he spent training as a Vedic monk at an ashram in Mumbai.

“Living as a monk felt like going to school,” he says, “and the last seven years of my life have felt like the exam.” After splitting his summers in business school between corporate internships and monastery visits, Shetty committed to studying at the ashram full-time, where he learned practices like meditation and mindfulness and found a path dedicated to living in service of others. Eventually, he left in the hopes of spreading the wisdom he’d picked up to the rest of the world.

Shetty’s monk training kicked in the second he left the ashram, when he found himself jobless, in debt, and totally lost. “It was when I felt my lowest that I started to apply the principles of my training,” he recalls, and soon enough he learned his business school buddies needed the same resources. He found himself making video blogs to reach an even wider audience, and gradually accrued a star-studded following. These days, he’s promoting his new book, Think Like a Monk, where he shares his own story and breaks down the key learnings of his monk training so that readers can apply them to our own, slightly less devout lives.

Of course, Shetty’s whole point is that you don’t have to walk around barefoot in robes to reap the benefits of monk training. He hopped on a Zoom with GQ to explain how the monastic lifestyle became a part of his everyday life, and why what he has to share is all the more important today.

GQ: Your day-to-day doesn’t exactly look like how you’d imagine a monk’s life. How do you incorporate your monastic studies into such a business-driven lifestyle?

Jay Shetty: The way I define “monastic” is far more internal than external. My morning and evening routines, the way I start and end my day, have stayed pretty close to what I used to do in the monastery. I don’t wake up at 4 a.m. and I don’t sleep on the floor, but I wake up at 6 a.m. and meditate for two hours. That’s the bedrock of my day. I visualize and create intentions for how I want to live throughout the day and how I want to work.

In my wardrobe, I have a lot of the same clothes in the same colors, so that’s my version of my monk robes in my uniform—still feeling like I have that simplicity in my life. And my day is planned out just as it was in the monastery, in terms of living a disciplined life. I have a disciplined exercise routine, I try to have a disciplined diet.

Internally, the monastic life has stayed with me because my intention through everything I’m doing today is all to serve and help improve people’s lives. So from an intention standpoint it’s stayed similar. But yes, things have changed.

After spending some of business school and then three full years studying at a monastery, you returned to what we think of as general society. How did you make the decision to leave?

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