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#BoFLIVE: The State of Fashion Magazines

 #BoFLIVE: The State of Fashion Magazines

NEW YORK, United States — As the Covid-19 pandemic rippled around the world this year, fashion’s top editors faced a new challenge: how to remain relevant in a time of such upheaval. In the latest #BoFLive event, BoF’s Lauren Sherman speaks with Allure Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee, Grazia Fashion Director Kenya Hunt, InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown and Leah Chernikoff, executive editor of Harper’s Bazaar US, about why it’s necessary to reinvent the fashion magazine.

That fashion magazines continue to play a crucial role in the wider cultural landscape of modern-day life is not up for dispute, according to Brown. “Magazines are so important,” she said. “People still talk about who is on the cover [and] people still care.” But their content is undergoing a long overdue makeover to appeal to contemporary readers. “In some ways it’s liberating that the news stand is in an extremely weird place because [now] you really pick the people you believe in,” Chernikoff said. “We are thinking about [questions like], ‘we have this platform, who do we want to give it to?’

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