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Where the Movement Goes After the Breonna Taylor Verdict

 Where the Movement Goes After the Breonna Taylor Verdict

[Laughs] White supremacy doesn’t want that. White supremacy wouldn’t survive if the people that it oppresses had those things. That’s the whole point of white supremacy. White supremacy wants to reign. White supremacy wants to have the things made by those people, wants to commodify enslavement.

So until we say we’re done with white supremacy, then it might end. But we’re not. We benefit too much off of it. We love fancy things, nice cars. We love all these things.

Do you think it’s necessary for Black folks to just divest from whiteness, from these cities and towns? How do you do that?

That’s what our movement is calling for. We’re calling for folks to stand up, to rise up, say let’s end this. And by that we just want you to acknowledge that Black lives matter. Once we acknowledge that Black people actually do matter, we can acknowledge that there’s some other folks that matter too. Like indigenous people. We don’t even respect the fact that indigenous folks still exist, we’re still celebrating white supremacist ideology, holidays, many things that make up culture. So we’re asking to transform that, what does it mean to value community safety, to value community care.

Talking about Breonna’s case in particular, did you think that she would get justice in this case? Was that going to be possible in all of this?

No. Absolutely not.

Why is that?

Because of the nature of who the attorney general was. People called for a [independent] prosecutor. We’ve done this work for a long time. We ran all those Ferguson demands, that’s where that comes from. It just doesn’t work here.

So that’s what we see, that’s what we saw happening. We just knew it was a lost cause because Daniel Cameron is a McConnell boy, and McConnell is just a shitty fucking person.

Following the grand jury decision, what are some of the demands your movement is focusing on now?

Gun violence. We have to put it all in the same category. So if we’re talking about one person utilizing a gun, we’ve got to talk about all people that use guns. That can literally save so many people’s lives. But also take a lot of that funding away from [police]. They get funding for no reason. There’s no reason police need to be rolling around neighborhoods with militarized weapons and vehicles. Like, what are you going to do, gun down the boy that stole a pop from the store?

We also are demanding that we have to change the laws around police being fired. At anyone else’s job you can’t just keep your pension because you keep fucking up your job. They fuck up all the time and they get suspensions, paid leave. It’s the only job like that.

Citizen review boards are extremely important. If you trust us to be your doctors and your teachers, hell even trust us to get groceries and cook your food, then you can trust us with making decisions about whether something was just or not. I think we do know what justice is. The people know what justice is.

We just knew it was a lost cause because Daniel Cameron is a McConnell boy, and McConnell is just a shitty fucking person.

Talking about Breonna Taylor, how do you think that this case is different?

This case is no different than any others. Historically it’s not. Unfortunately, that’s something I have to tell any family member that has lost their loved ones by the state. This is nothing new. This isn’t the first time this has happened. This is actually historic for us. This is a part of our history, right? We’re always dying at the hands of the state.

The state brought us here, it’s a 400 year journey. And so when it comes to women, you know we’ve always forsaken the Black woman, used her for birthing, used her body up. And it continues to abuse her body without consent.

And so because when a Black woman dies, whether she’s trans, GNC, we are so adamant about not giving a fuck. And that’s exactly how it is. That’s why I say her name. Because we don’t raise up enough Black woman murdered by the state, murdered at the hands of white supremacy.

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