Andy Cohen: Caitlyn Jenner Started the RHOBH Rumors Herself! -

Andy Cohen: Caitlyn Jenner Started the RHOBH Rumors Herself!

 Andy Cohen: Caitlyn Jenner Started the RHOBH Rumors Herself!

First, it was rumored that Kris Jenner might join RHOBH. Then, the entire fandom was abuzz with rumors of Caitlyn Jenner’s casting.

Now, Andy Cohen is addressing the show’s plans for Cait and for Sophia.

As this very relatable-sounding conversation begins, as you can hear for yourself in the video that we have included, we learn that Andy doesn’t know much about Sophia Hutchins.

Specifically, he — like millions — has assumed that she is Caitlyn’s much-younger girlfriend.

He is corrected to learn that, officially, Sophia is Cait’s “roommate and manager.”

But when it comes to rumors and their veracity, Andy knows a great deal more.

“This is one of those where the call is coming from inside the house,” Andy quips.

In other words, he seems to be tracing these casting rumors to Caitlyn and Sophia themselves.

“I know that they have expressed their interest publicly,” Andy observes.

He explains: “On social media, they’ve tagged me in posts, saying this is a great idea.”

We detect what appears to be an undercurrent of annoyance as he says this. Sometimes, an aggressive PR campaign can backfire.

“We’ve never talked to them formally,” Andy states.

He then officially confirms: “That rumor is not true.”

None of the reports about Cait and Sophia being cast ever seemed to lead anywhere other than social media rumors, so … that’s not really a shock.

When asked if Andy might be open to seeing Cait and Sophia (or simply one or the other) joining the show, Andy pauses for an awkwardly long time.

After discussing how Kris has connections to the Housewives that Cait lacks, he admits: “I don’t see it.”

Andy does acknowledge that Cait “knows the gig” of reality television.

Humorously, the clip ends with Andy saying “I didn’t realize Caitlyn was 70.”

Caitlyn’s wealth has insulated her from many of the factors that cause people to show their age.

She will turn 71 on October 28.

Responses to the rumors of Cait’s casting were mixed, so we’re sure that some people are disappointed right now.

Others are likely pleased or even relieved that she and Sophia are not gaining their diamonds.

Of course, that’s a complicated topic for a couple of reasons.

Obviously, some people just found Cait to be boring when she was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and when she had her own show.

They didn’t like the idea of her just playing golf and enjoying helicopters or whatever.

And then there are her politics. While Cait is no longer a Trump supporter, her political views are largely abysmal because she has only seemed to shift them where they impact her, specifically.

On the other hand, some people think that having one of the planet’s only conservative trans women (or, dare way say, both of them) among the Beverly Hills crowd could have been entertaining.

Naturally, there were also transphobic bigots who objected to rumors of Cait’s casting because they hold malice in their hearts for trans women.

Some people thought that she didn’t belong on the show because she is trans. Those people can go eff themselves.

In reality, we would love to see a trans Housewife.

But it would be nice if she is, one, an entertaining person who will perform well on reality television.

And two, it would be great if she is also a good person in ways that Cait frankly is not.

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