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Kanye West Loses Wisconsin Ballot Fight by 14 Seconds

 Kanye West Loses Wisconsin Ballot Fight by 14 Seconds

Kanye West just got schooled on what a 5:00 PM deadline means in Wisconsin — in one judge’s view … which, for now, is keeping Ye off the ballot there, and it’s all over 14 seconds.

A circuit court magistrate ruled this week that Kanye was, in fact, too late by submitting his nomination docs last month to get his name on the ballot come November … even though his team got it in 14 seconds after 5 o’clock, which they felt was still inside the window.

Not the case, so says Judge John Zakowski. Hizzoner writes, “The court believes at the time a grandfather clock rings out five times is the moment it is 5 p.m. Any time after that is precisely that: after 5 p.m.” Oof, tough crowd. But wait, there’s more to his rationale.

Judge Zakowski goes on to explain … “The court used the analogy of midnight. There is significant difference between 11:59:59 p.m. and one second after midnight. The passage of a second after midnight confers an entirely new day.” Hmmm, we suppose he has a point.

In other words, a late registration from Kanye … quite literally. And thus, he isn’t eligible to rock the vote on November 3rd. That said, Ye could take one last shot in this legal fight.

There’s the option of appealing to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and if Kanye and co. do that … they might actually have a more favorable ruling. Fact is, a majority of those justices lean conservative — and they could interpret the deadline rules a little differently.

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Considering Wisconsin is a big swing state in this election … he might wanna consider it. Not only that, but Dems there are already trying to rally the base with some cool celeb appearances — namely, a ‘Parks & Rec’ Q&A session this month with a bulk of the cast. The goal is getting Wisconsin folks to vote.

One way to offset that impact … fight back and get some more star power in the mix.